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Also see "Nazranies: A Rough Chronology," pp. 121-122

[in the Indian Church History Classics, Vol. I, The Nazranies,

Ed. Prof. George Menachery, SARAS 1998]


B.C. [B.C.E.]


3102, Feb., 13   B.C.Beginningof Kaliyuga-206<C

0972-0932         B.C. Solomon’s ships in India(III   Kgs.IX,X)-26>B             

0970 B.C.           King Solomon’s trade with Malabar-134>C

0604-0562         B.C. Nebuchadenazzar: Babyl’n.Captivity-26>G

0327 B.C.           Alexander’s invasion of W.India-14>G

0326 B.C.          Alexander conquers Punjab

0030 B.C.           Roman conquest of Egypt-5<F

0026 B.C.           Yndoferres chronology-13>E




0014                    Augustus coin of Mambalam- 5<F

0043                    Vikramaditya era Samvat 100-13>E

0045                    Hippalus Sea Route-15<A

0049                    Jerusalem Council-23<E

0050                    Arikkamedu bricks (Thomas Tomb)- 5>D

0050                    Thomas landed in Maliankara-4<E

0050                    Arretine Italian ware at Arikkamedu-5>C

0052                    Apostle at Muziris-26<A

0052                    Date of some churches in Kerala-142>A  

0052                    Apostle Thomas at Kodungalloor-26<A

0059                    Thomas recalled to Mylapore by King Choran-4<E

0069April          Thomas to Mylapore-  181<D

0072                    Ap. Thomas martyred at Mylapore-181<D

0080-90              Periplus (on Guzerat & Malabar ports)-15<D

0100                    Arikkamedu bricks & Thomas Tomb-5>D

0100                    Eyyal deposit of Punchmarked coins-157<A

0100                    Bricks show date of  Mailapur Tomb 50-100 A.D.-5>E

0100 or 500       European knowledge                         about India-15<F

0135/40-203     Irenaeus does not mention India-23>E

0135-150           Ptolemy’s Geography: Muziris Emporium-158<G

0139                    Achadabues & Kam- or Job-Jesu sent to Antioch-18<G

154-222/3.A.D Bardesanes-23>F

0185-255           Origen on spread of Gospel-23>B

0187,June,30     Trubner’s Record-13>E

0190                    Panthaenus in India-201<A

0200                    Connection of Persian Church with S. India-25>G

0230                    A Copper Plate given to Thomas Christians-138<A

0230                    ShankunnyMenon confirms date of Copper-plate-150<B

0305                    Gks.keep festival on Jul.15 Latins on Jun.15-22<C

0306-0337         Constantine ruled 0321                    

                          Another Copper plate: Thomas Cana-138<B

0321                    Yr. of Plate  acc. to Trav. Stat. Manual-150<C

0325                    Nicea council recognd. in Malabar-93<F

0330-390           Gregory Nazianzus on Thomas in India-204>B

0345-41              Rufinus of Aquileia on Gospel in India-23>D

0360                    Kuravilangad Church founded 140<A

0363                    St.Ephraem in Nisibis until 363-18>F

0381                    Constantinople council recognised in Mal.-93<F

0394                    Body translated in, acc. to Chronicon-22>A

0400                    Macarius Magnes-23>C   

0424                    Synod of Markabta Tayyayye -independence-47>A

0428-431           Nestorius-28>D,93<E

0431                    Nestorius condemned at Ephesus-28>E

0440                    Socrates repeats Rufinus-23>D

0450                    Connection with Seleucia-Ctesiphon-52>D

0451                    Netorianism vis-a-vis                          Chalcedon Council-93<F

0451                    State of Churches that rejected Chalcedon-98<E

0475                    Gelasius Cyzicus on St. Thomas’ fields-23>D

0486                    Seluc.-Ctesiphon Synod-towards independence-47>A

0500-578           Jacob Baradaeus, Bishop of Edessa-33>A

0520-525           Author of Christian Topography in India-47>C

0522-525           Cosmos Indicopleustes in Malabar,Ceylon-23>F,201>C

0542-577           Revivalof non Chalcedonians,under J.Baradaeus-36<A

0544-595           Gregory(Tours)on Apostle’s body, India&Edessa-13>B

0593                    Land for St. George’s Church, Edappally-203<C

0600                    Gabriel Hyatraya on repetition of Alleluia-194<E

0600                    Stone Thomas statue not earlier than 600-18<D

0622                    Mohammed:Hejira (Mecca to Medina)

0641                    Visitors to India after                          Saracen blockade-209>A

0642                    Mohamm.occupation of Persia & Chaldean Church-47>B

0650                    Stone Thomas statue not later than 650-18<D<E

0650-660           Seleucian Patriarch Iso’yahb’s letter-31<D

0650-790           Indian Church  a Metropolitan See-47>E

0714-728           Patr.Sliba Zcha & Metro.dig’ty for Ind’n Ch.-31<F

0768-0814         Charlemagne ruled

0800                    Ayyan Adikal coper-plate grants-176<C

0825                    Sapir Iso in Quilon & Theresapally-146<C

0825-880           Sabariso,Sapor, Prodh in Quilon-214<B

0852-855           Patri. Theodosius & Indian Church-31<F

0871-899           King Alfred the Great & Thos. Tomb in India-194<F

0880                    Ayyan Adikal Copper-PlateGrants-133<A,150<C

0883                    Sighelmus, Kg.Alfred’s envoy at tomb India-15<E

0900-1900         Zamorin central figure of Kerala history-218>B

0917                    Thazhekkad Avittathur rock edict-197<C

0960-1279         Chinese celadon ware export:Sung Dynasty-157>E

0962                    Pope John XXII: Otto I - Holy Roman Emperor

0971-1030         Mahmud Ghazni

1000                 Decline of European knowledge about India-15<E

1008-1253         Chinese Sung coins, Tanjore connections-157>G

1043                    Nilus Doxopatres:India under Antioch.Patr.-31>E

1058                    Institution of Exilarch becomes defunct-203>B

1065-1321         Dante

1095-1291         Crusades

1122                    John of India:Pallium from Pope CallistusII-199>B

1947(ME1122)                  Coins current (West Coast) in c.1st C. found-157<B

1222                    Mar Solomom(Metr.of Bassorah) &Book of the Bee-21>C

1225                    Mulanturutti church founded-150<G,153<D

1269                    Chen’galam Hebrew rock  record of Black Jews-159>B

1274                    Sacraments are 7:Lyons Council II-114>F

1280-1368         Chinese ware, Yuan Dynasty in Cranganur-157>F

1281-1317         Yaballaha III - mention by Cranganur copyist-197>G

1288                    Mylapore  miracle of, narrated by Marco Polo-12>F

1291,93              J.M.Corvino baptises near Mylapore-36>D,59<A,210>B

1293                    Mylapore Thomas tomb customs acc. to M.Polo-111<A

1295                    Niranam church lithograph 211<G

1298                    Indian Church in Persian Jurisdiction: M.Polo-                        35<E

1301                    Bar Zach. copies Syr.Psalter at Crang’nore-197>G

1301                    V.Syr.Cdx.22(Crang.): Met.Bp, Thos’ See-10<E31<G32<E

1301                    Syriac Ms.Calendar of  1301:Vat.Libr.-113<B<G

1305,1306         M.Corvino (from China) speaks of no schism -210>B

1316-1334         John XXII: many letters to Indian Xns.-205<E

1320                    Jordan Catalani in India with 4 Franciscans-59<B

1321,Apr.,19     Tana: Franciscans murdered -59<B,199<F

1321                    Jordanus recommends missions in Quilon &c.-36>D

1324                    Ital. Franciscan Odoric in India-211>E

1328                    John XXII sends Jordanus to Quilon -214<B

1328                    Jordan made Bp. at Avignon for Columbum-32<C

1329                    Diocesesan status for                          Quilon-by Pope John XXII-59<D

1330                    Indian Christianity in                        J.Catalani’s writings-199<E

1330                    Dominican Jordanus   India’s 1st West.Bp.-205<E

1330-1380         Sir J. Mandeville on body in Ma’abar  -10>B

1330                    1st Bp.Jordan of 1st Latin Dioc.Quilon killed-59<D

1330                    Jordanus brings Pope’s  Bull to Quilon Xns.-36>D

1334-1342         Benedict XII: sends     Marignolli to China 1338-197>G

1341                    Periyar flood, Putu Vaipu era, rise of Kochi-157>A

1342-1352         ClementVI: Marignolli on Quilon’s pepper-198<A

1344                    Joseph Azar built Ist Synagogue outside Cranga­ nore in


1348                    John de Marignolli in                         Quilon-197>G

1348                    Clement VI sends Marignolli to India-209>B

1348-49              Papal legate John de   Marignoli at Quilon -59<E

1348                    J.Marignoli’s 18 months stay in Quilon be...-108<E

1348                    Papal legate Marignoli on generosity/loyalty of                       Thomas X’ians-109<E

1350                    Marignoli calls Mylapore as Mira Polis(circa)-14>B

1358                    Saracen Writer Muffazue’s about Thomas relics-10<A

1400-1468         Gutenberg (Printing)

1400                    Indian knowledge in Europe meagre-15<E

1400                    Malabar Church.: Sacraments before 1400-114>F

1425-1430         Nicola Conti, an Italian merchant-St.Thomas’ tomb -32<D

1438-1445         Sacraments are 7: Florence Council-114>F

1439                    Navayikulam edict: Kshatria homes as Illams-204>G

1439                    G.T.Mackenzie-X’ians from Cochin to Cape Comorin-68<G

1440                    Conti - Mylapore - Mirapor -14>C

1443                    Maclean’s Ms.on festivals of Thomas, George, Cyriac-22<E

1450                    Foundation of St.Dominic’s, Kanjirappilly-206<F

1450                    Succession of Catholicos from uncle to nephew A Practise-36>B

1451                    Jurisdiction of Vic. Ap. Tomar increased -37<D

1453                    Ottoman Turks took Constantinople-59<E

1460-1524         Vasco de Gama-204<A

1475-1564         Michalangelo

1484                    Hudra MS.- By Isodad Archdeac of Mossul-28>G

1484                    Isodad:Hudra Brit. Mus.MS-28>G

1489/90              Mar John, 3 Thomas X’ians George, Joseph & Mathias, Mar Thomas  -37<F>A>B

1490                    Mar Thomas & Mar John consecrated-218<B

1490                    2Bps. to Malabar by a delegation of Thomas X’ians-48<D

1490                    Mar Ivanios, East Syrian Connection with Indian Church-35>B

1490                    Beginning of anti-Roman teaching-East SyrianChurch -34>E

1490-91              A group of Bps. in Malabar-34>B

1490-91              Mar Thoma & Mar Yuhannan-34>C

1490                    Malankara Church Jacobite to 1490-P.T.G.-33<F

1490                    Bishops from Catholicate of the East-35<A

1490                    Malankara Church Nestorian - P.T.G.-36<G

1490                    “Malabar Church directly under West Syrians till 1490"  not correct-36>A

1492                    Gama to find sea-route to India-204<A

1494                    Muttom church royal edict-199<C

1494                    Royal edict-granting harbour dues to the Church of Kumari Muttom-12>B

1494                    Edicts of Maharaja of Travancore (1494) granting privileges-65<E

1495                    Alexis de Menezes Arch. Bp. of Goa- to deal with the problem60>A

1497,July,8        Gama sails from Lisbon-204<B

1498,May,20     Gama reaches Calicut in Malabar, India-204<B

1498                    Arrival of Vasco Da Gama in India-52>E

1498                    Vasco Da Gama came to India in his Ist Voyage-48<E

1498                    Portuguese arrival & hist. of Malabar X’ians -52>D

1498,May.,20    Arrival of Gama in Calicut-59<G

1498,Aug.,21    Gama at Calicut “in search of Thomas X’ians & Pepper” -135<F

1498,May.,21    Gama-Real Roman Catholic colonization of Kerala-church 36>E

1498-1550:       MundadanA.M.”ArrivalofthePortugueseinIndia....”:42>F,33<C, 64>G,71<B,95<D

1498                    Vasco da Gama landed in Calicut- 36>G

1500                    Mohammedans: Franciscans  leave Calicut-198>E

1500                    Muttuchira open-air cross consecrated-211<A

1500                    2nd expedition led by Cabral reaches India-204<C

1500                    Joseph of Cranganore-Milapar (or Milapor) -14>C

1500                    The Picture of X’ian Soldier -K.S.P.Series-133<F

1500                    Portuguese Conquered Cochin-184<G

1500:1542         “Historia das Missioes do padraodo  Portuguese do oriente 1 India-64>G

1500                    Portuguese setup an oratory in Calicut-37<A

1501or05           4Bps.Mar Thos., Ya., Denha,&Jacob in Malabar-199>B

1501                    Joseph of Cranganore - in Europe- 14<B

1501                    Joseph the Indian on sacraments-113<B

1501                    Cabral - Real Missionary work - Kerala-61>C









1502                    Missionaries with Vasco da Gama- 60<C

1502                    Gama returns to India-198>E

1502                    Gama again: Cochin factory204<C

1502                    Gama arrived at Cochin -48<F

1502                    Gama came back to India-37<B

1502                    George (Mathias) & Joseph accompanied Cabral to Portugal-37<G

1502                    Gama at Cochin met by Thomas X’ian delegation-62<F

1503                    Alfonso d’ Albuquerque landed in Quilon-60<B

1503                    A.D’Albuquerque in India, Quilon. & Q Xns.-194<BC

1503                    Albuquerque in Quilon for trade-214<C

1503                    Albuquerque made treaty with ruler of Quilon-62<F

1503-1549         Bp.Mar.Abuina Jacob:Xavier on his ’conversion’-60<D

1503-1550         Mar Jacob Bishop in   Malabar-113<C

1503-1550         3 Letters of Mar Jacob.Bp.of Malabar-64>G

1503-1552         Bp. Jacob-48<C

1503                    Alfonso Albuquerque-previlages for X’ians from-the Hindhu ruler-37>A

1503                    4 Bps.Mar Jaballaha,Mar Denha, Mar Thomas&Mar Jacob-at Cannanore-62<G

1504                    Mar Thomas returns to India with 3 Bps.-218<B

1504                    East Syrian Bps. in Malabar -10<B

1504                    Another group of Bps. after one decade since 1490/91-34>C

1504                    Syrian Bps. in India-14<B

1504                    Sacraments:Calandar by Mar Jacob-113<B<G

1504                    Mar Thomas with Mar Yabalaha to Malabar-37>A

1504                    Four Bishops -37> G,                         38<A

1505                    Portuguese capture Cranganore from Zamorin-202<C

1505                    Vasco Da Gama: fort at Cochin-201<E

1505                    Hebrew books-brought to Cochin-184>A

1505                    Mar Yakub-34>D

1505                    A fortress was built in Cochin-37<B

1509                    Alfonso D Albuquerque arrived as 2nd governor of India-194<C

1510                    Albuquerque gave the Bps. 1,000 fanams to restore their church-37>C

1510                    Conversion of the head of a fishermen Community- 61>F                 

1512                    A.Penteado lives in the chief church of Thomas X’ians and Says Mass-37>D

1513                    Albuquerque to king of Portugal on the existence of Portuguese & Jews-184>B

1514                    Thomar was suppressed, erection of new diocese of Funchal-37<E

1514                    Vicariate of Thomar suppressed -53<B

1514                    The report of George De Melo, Padre Afonso Velho, about X’ians in the town-62<B

1515                    Fr. Roderigo made 1200 Nestorians renounce their errors-60<C

1515,Dec.,27     Alfonso D Albuquerquedies in Goa-194<C

1516-18              Penteado writes to the king of Portugal-152<G

1516                    Lopo Soares forces Queen of Quilon to rebuild Thomas X’ian Church-37>C

1517                    The first portuguese visitors at Mylapore 6<CE, 7>A

1518                  Sebastian Peres (Vicar of Cochin): 10 to 12,000 X’ians in Kerala-61>F

1520                    Ambrose P.O. was ordained as Bp. of Dominican Mission of Cranganore & Mylapore-38<C

1521-1557         King John III: Mar Jacob about Latins’ help-62>B

1521-23              Portuguese didn’t find the image of St.Thomas-18<C

1522                    Commission sent to Mylapore by Menezes, to search the body of St. Thomas-14<C

1522                    King of Portugal rebuilding Mylapore church -68<B

1523                    Diogo built an oratory on oldfoundations, dedicated to ‘the mother of God’-15>B

1523                    Mar Jacob writes John III of Port.(baptism)-63<B

1523                 Original oratory built in Mount St.Thomas-16<C

1523                    Portuguese excavate Mylapore tomb-3>G

1523                    Mar Jacob writes to king of Portugal-132>A

1523                    Portuguese excavated certain parts of the church at Mylapore-6<C

1523                    The foundations of the Southern Chapel revealed a  tomb at S.Tome Mylapore-6>E

1523                    St. Thomas’ tomb was restored by the Portuguese settlers -7>A

1523                    Portuguese opened the tomb  in Mailapur by order of their King-5<G

1523                    Mar Jacob defending himself before king of Portu. by a letter-37>E

1524                    Destruction of Jews’  Spice trade-184<E

1524                    Mar Jacob’s  letter to the King of Portugal-48<G

1524,Dec.,24     Gama nominated the Viceroy of India-204<C

1524,Dec.,24     Gama died and buried at St. Francis Xavier’s church, Cochin -204<C

1524                    A Portuguese Vicar in charge of rebuilting the Church at Mylapore-68<B

1526                    Permission to X’ian fishermen to work in certain areas-65<F

1527                    10,000 persons embraced Christianity in Kingdom of Cochin-37<C,201<E

1527                    Conversion of Arels and Iravas to christianity in Cochin-42<F

1527                    Sebastian Piers wrote King JohnIII of Portugual about Thomas X’ians-63<C

1528                    Alvaro Penteado: Nazraney customs-114<E

1528                    MarThana,MarAvuwith Fr.George, set up a cross-38<B

1530,Dec.16      Letter of Mar Jacob-63<B

1530                    Cochin seat of (Portuguese) Viceroy from 1505 to 1530-37<B

1530                    Mar Jacob-letter to king of Portugal -37>F

1530                    Mar Jacob-letter to king JohnIII of Portugal about Franciscans -62>B

1533                    Goa Dioc. erected: Jurisdiction over Good Hope to India & China-53<C

1533                    Funchal was erected as Archdiocese-37<E

1533                    Goa Diocese-28<A

1533                    Portuguese met Bp. in Mylapore-37>B

1534                    Goa - Diocese-37<E,201<E

1536                    20,000Paravas baptised by Miguel Vaz,V.G.,Goa-65>A

1537-53              1st Bp. of Goa, Joao de Albuquerque : duty to‘convert’ Thomas X’ians-68<D

1537-53              J.De Albuquerque, Franciscan Missionary, started college of Cranganore-194<D

1538                    Letter to King D. Joao III on opening the tomb at Mylapore-5<G

1540                    St.Ignatious founded the Society of Jesus-17<E

1540/41              Franciscans opened a seminary at Cranganore-37<D

1541                    John De Albuquerque founded the college of Cranganore-194<D

1541                    Franciscans started a school at Cranganore-202<C

1541                    Franciscan Friar Vincent de Lagos founded Cranganore Seminary 59>F

1541,Apr.,7       Xavier Appointed Nuncio in the East-217>G

1542,May          Francis Xavier reached Goa-65>A

1542,Oct.,28     No letters from St. Xavier for 14 months-65>F

1542                    Francis Xavier landed in India-37<D,122>G,166>C

1542                    Jesuits Missionaries arrived in Goa-61>G

1543,Dec.         Francis Xavier went back to Goa from the Cape-65>F

1543                    Mar Jacob left Cranganore, remained with Franciscans in  Cochin-38<D

1544                    Aruvithara Church, HolyWater  Font was erected-146<E

1544,Jan.            No letters from St. Xavier for 14 months-65>F

1544,Feb.           St. Xavier returned to Cape Mission, with other helpers-65>G

1544,June           Invasion of Badaga Army-67<A

1545                    St. Xavier reached Mylapore-17<E

1545,Aug.          St. Xavier’s long Vayage to Malacca and the Spice Islands-67<G,68<C

1545-1563         Sacraments 7 & only 7:Trent Council-114>G

1547                    Bp. of Cochin reports about the Bleeding Stone-16<F

1547                    Fr. Alphonso Cypriano arrived in Mylapore-17<E

1547                    Digging up of the stone slab from the Great Mount-14<F

1547,Mar.,23     Fr. Gasper Coelho began foundation work of new Church at Holy Mount-15>B

1547                    Portuguese found a Pahlavi Cross from Great Mount-5<E

1547                    Fr. Gasper, discovered the bleeding Cross and built a new church-16>C

1547                    “Church built by Portuguese”. Inscription on a slab at G.Mount-17<A

1547                    Church at G.Mount built by Fr. Gasper-16<C>C

1547                    Franciscan custody already organized-61>D

1548,Jan.,13      St. Xavier returned to Cochin from Malacca & Spice Islands-67<G

1548,Oct.           St. Xavier bids the Mission a fond farewell-67>D

1548                    St. Francis Xavier inspires missionary zeal-123>A

1548                    Letters of St. Xavier about support of Syrian priests-123>G

1549                    St. Xavier Visited Cranganore-202<C

1549,Jan.,14      Xavier to Ignatious Layola  about Cranganore & its X’ians -3>A

1549                    Xavier to king of Portugal praising Mar Jacob-38<E

1549                    Missionaries as Cenfessors because now proficient in Tamil -67>F

1549                    St. Xavier visits Mylapore again-68<C

1550                    Thazhathangadi churches-216<B

1550                    Rule of Mar Yakub from about 1505 to 1550-34>D

1550,Jan.,22      Mathaeus Dias Writes to the King of Portugal-38<A

1550,Jan.,27      Lancillotto to St. Layola: In Quilon many became X’ians.-62<A

1550/52              Mar Jacob lived up to 1550/52-37>B

1550/52              Mar Jacob died-38>B

1550                    Bp. Joanes de Albuquerque Writes St. Layola-62<A

1551                    Xavier appo. Provincial of Indian Province-217>G

1551                    Little Mount began to be cleared & levelled for Pilgrims-17<D

1551                    Church at Little Mount-17<C

1551/2                Selucians elected-John Siud Sulaqa-30>G

1551                    Succession of the Catholicos from uncle to nephew?-36>B

1552                    Mar John Siud Sulaqa professes catholic creed-48>E

1552,Jan.            St. Xavier returns from Japan after 32 months-67>D

1552                    Eredia S.J.speaks of Thomas X’ians of Cochin & C.-43<B

1552                    Death of Mar Jacob-Vacant see -68>B

1552                    Chaldean Catholic Patriarchate & related Ques­tions-93>C

1552                    Catholic-Catholicos confusion-Mundadan’s view-95<D

1553                    Pope Julius III on Jurisdiction of the East Syrian Patriarch-53<D

1553                    Seleucian Church on Catholic communion before Sulaqa-37>F

1553                    Pope Julius III recognises Jurisdiction of Sulaqa-38>C

1554                    St.Xavier died ( Island of Sanchian - China)-68<F

1555                    John Sulaqa dies after 3Yrs. in Office -193<A

1555                    Mar John Sulaqa killed after Patriarch-215>A

1555                    Antonius (a Dom.) on anointing the sick-116<F

1556-1605         Akbar ruled

1556-69              Mar Joseph Arch. Bp. of Cranganore-60<G

1556                    Abdiso(Sulaqa’s successor) sends Mar Joseph Malabar -38>D

1556                    Mar Abraham came from Mesopotamia to Malabar-68>B

1557                    Fr. Carneiso on Angamaly University-195<F

1557                    Goa, C.A. Finem Anni. 1557 - Doc. 120-177<E

1557,Dec.           Joseph Wicki-Documenta Indica (Roma)-Goa-133<E

1557                    Ferd. Paz on  Nestorianism in Malabar-109<A

1558                    Elizabeth Queen of England

1558                    Diocese of Cochin estd.-60<E

1558                    Cochin became Suffragan Diocese of Goa-201<E

1558                    Maltese Dominican Friars released by  Portuguese-214>C

1558                    Mylapore church under Cochin-211<B

1558                    Maffei : Thomas songs in Malabar -166>C

1558                    Sweating Stone of Madras-15>E

1558                    Goa-Archbishopric with Metropolitan rights-53<C

1558                    Picture at the mount mentioned (Hosten)-16>E

1558 -1569        Mar Joseph in Malabar-48<C

1558                    Cochin Diocese-28<A

1558                    Goa-became Arch.Dioc. -37<E

1558                    Cochin becoames bishopric, suffragan to Goa-38>C

1558                    Melchior Nunes S.J. on Mar Joseph-39<A

1558                    Diocese of Cochin was erected-61<F,62<C

1558                    Mar Abraham Obliged to retract his opinions-68>B

1559                    Fr. Alfonso Cypriano, S.J.- at G. Mount-17>G

1559,Jan.,15      Melchior Nunes S.J.- three bishops mentioned-43<D

1559                    Testimony of Maffeus-113<C

1559                    Franciscans, Dominicans - joined by Jesuits-37<D

1559                    Skelton of Anna Roderiguez proved Valuable-7<A

1560                    Cochin Maharaja-Prevented Conversion -201<E

1560                    The ban on Conversion lifted by Raja of Cochin-37<C,61<A

1560                    Thomas X’ians & Latin rite. conversions from nonX’ians increase-42<D

1560                    Prohibition on conversion withdrawn-44<C

1561,Dec.,31     Marriage of clerics:Letter from Cochin-112<F

1561,Dec.,31     Nunes Baretto writes on Malabar X’ian faith-109<B,122<E

1561                    Nunes Baretto on ThomasX’ian love for Syriac-110<F

1562                    Pope restrics Power of East Syrian Patriarch-53<D

1562                    Mar Joseph-to Portugal-39<B

1562                    Pope decided that Patriar. could appoint Bps.-39<G

1563                    Catholicos Abdisho attends Trent-199>B

1563                    Mar Abraham Metropolitan in Malabar-80>C

1564,Jan.            St.Thos. feast of Nov.21:Correa Amander-113>A

1564                    Devotions of Nazranies: M.Nunes Barreto-114<F

1564                    Mar Joseph returns with a Papal Brief-39<C

1565                    Jews fled from ‘Anjuvanam’ to Cochin-184<F

1565-1601         Raja Kesava Rama Varma at Cochin-184<F

1565                    Mar Abraham in Rome-68>C

1566-1600         King Rama Varma (who wrote a letter to the Pope)-70<D

1567                    Abdiso - Patriarch till death-193<A

1567                    Mar Abraham Metropolitan of Angamaly-195<C

1567                    Building of Jew Town-184>A

1567                    Jew Town Built-184<F

1567                    No residential Metropolitan city mentioned till date : 31>D

1567                    Mar Abrham nominated Arch.Bp. of Angamaly-31>D

1567,Aug.,29    Patr. Abdiso  writes to Goa Arch. Bp.-43<F

1567                    Patr. Abdiso assigned Mar Abraham to Angamaly (etc.)-39<F

1568                    Jewish Synagogue built at Mattanchery-183<B

1568                    Pardesi Synagogue built-184<F

1568                    Syngo. built by Castiel,Belileah, Sala & Levi-185<E

1568-1597         MarAbraham Arch Bp.of St.Thos X’ians in M’bar-71<B

1568-97              Mar Abraham Arch. Bp. of Angamaly-60<G

1568                    Mar Abraham goes to India-68>C

1569-1597         Mar Abraham-48<C

1569                    Nunes says Mar Malabar 11 Yrs.before-39<A

1569                    Mar Joseph dies-39>A

1569                    Mar Joseph dies in Rome-63>F

1570,Jan.,4         Letter of Jesuit Father about Thomas X’ians’faith-108>F

1570                    Raja of Poraccad allows  conversions-61<A

1570                    Mar Abraham  reaches Malabar-68>D

1571,Oct.           Invitation to 2nd inter-diocesan Council of Goa-68>D

1572                    Seconda Spedizione alle Indie Orientali-Rome-52<E

1572-85              Greg.XIII: Mar Abraham & Goan Council-28<G

1573-1574         Fr. Manuel Teixeria, Vice-provincial-68>G

1573                    Fr.Alexander Valignano-Italian Jesuit-visitor-69<A

1574                    Valignano in Goa-69<A

1575                    First Printing Press in Cochin fort-162<C

1575                    Main entrance only re                         paired- Mulanthurutti Church-153<E

1575, Dec.          Alexander Valignano’s letter on board a ship-69<A

1575, June,12    Interdiocesan council of Goa begins-68>E

1575                    Provincial Council of Goa-39>B, 40<A,63>G,64<B

1575                    Documenta Indica for 1575-1577-68>B

1575                    Valignano in Charge-69<A

1576, Jan., 2       King Rama Varma writes a letter to Pope Gregory XIII-70<D

1576, Oct.          Fr. Dionisio-Rector of the College at Cochin-69>G

1576                    Marcal  a theologian (one of 3 jesuits at Goan Council) dies-68>G

1576                    Martin da silva instructed  on European visit-69>B

1576                    Fr. Valignano remained at Goa-69>G

1577                    1st book from Cochin Fort Press: Tamil “Doctrina Christiona” -162<C

1577                    Jesuits start Vaipicotta Seminary-49<A

1577,Jan.,10      Letter of Fr. General    Mercurian about Pope’s interest-70<D

1577,April,18   Mar Abraham comes  to Cochin-70<E

1577,June           Fr. Valignano leaves Cochin-70>D

1577,Sep.           Fr. Valignano left Goa for the Far East-71<A

1577                    Vaipicotta Seminary-for local priests-started-64<A

1577                    Documenta Indica for 1575-77 appears-68>B

1577                    Silva’s discussion with Fr.General Mercurian-69>F

1577                    Fr. Dionisio writes a letter to Europe-70<A

1578                    3 lay leaders of the Thomas X’ians wrote to Pope Gregory XIII-57>D

1578,Jan.,3         Mar Abraham writes the Pope on Portu. illtreatment-39>D

1578,Aug.,20    The Procurator landed at Goa with General’s answer-69>F

1578,Aug.          Fr. Silva Comes back from Rome-70>G

1578                    Fast at feast of St.Hormisdas:Dionisio-113>E

1578                    Thomas  X’ians beseaches Pope for 5 bishops-39>F

1579                    Chr. Vanakam Mathathathuam Padri Markose Jorge- 166>D

1579                    Monserrate S.J. - a Spaniard-his suggestion-40>A

1579                    Letter of Pacheko on   Nazraney Feasts-113<C

1579                    Mar Abraham  asks for the Pallium-64<C

1579                    Fr. Ferrario was sent to the Moluccas-71<A

1580                    Tazhathangady church,Kottayam-216<B

1580,Dec.,23     Peter Louis writes Jesuit General only material errors-122<F

1583-1600         Annual Litterae Societatis Jesu 1583-1600-64>E

1583                    Mar Abraham holds a Synod at Angamale-39>E

1583                    Provincial Synod in the Cathedral of Angamale-64<C

1584                    Vaipicotta Seminary near Cranganore-59>F

1584                    An Inscription ‘in relief’ on a metal bell ‘Am ehd’alaha’-108>G

1585,Jan.,5         3rd Provincial Synod of Goa-Latin intoSyriac-193<C,214<G

1585,Mar.,18     ‘Consistorial Diary’ Beltrami -43<E

1585                    Mar Abraham attends the Goan Council-28<G

1585                    Council of Goa - Mar Abraham invited-39>F

1585                    Provincial Synod of Goa -49<B

1585                    Mar Abraham - at 3rd council of Goa -64<D

1585                    Syriac Ms. of Kashkul copied- 93>E

1586-87              Fr.Roz S.J.Calls Thomas X’ians as Nestorians-108>F

1586/7                Roz on Mar Abr.’s heresy:’De Err.Nest.’-28>A

1586/7                Thesis of Fr.Roz S.J. on Mar Abraham & Thos.X’ians-40<B

1586                    Fr. Francis Roz, advisor of Mar Abraham writes treatise-64<E

1587                    Letter of Fr. Roz.S.J. , 6th Jan.-122<D

1587                    Vaipicotta Seminary for Thomas X’ians-63>B

1590                    Mar Ahathalla- born at Alapo in Syria-193>A

1590                    Jerome s.j. on Nazraney Feasts-113<C

1592                    Dutch East India Co.-                         202>G

1592-1605         Pope Clement VIII-201<B

1592                    Thomas X’ians youth Ordained in the Latin rite-38>A

1592                    Goan Provincial Council-Mar Abraham not Present-64<E

1593,Dec.,15     Abraham George  writes General for non jesuit-40<G,193<C

1594                    Abraham George dies a martyr in Ethiopia-193<C

1594,Dec.,17     Mar Abraham  writes Gen. of Jesuits for Co.adjutor Bp.-40<D

1594                    Syriac MS. with portions of Doctrine of Apostles-116>A

1594                    Mar Abraham reconciled  with Jesuits-64<F

1595,Jan.,27      Clement VIII Goan Abp.’s enquiry about Mar Abr.-40<C,64<E,201<C

1596                    Granite stone of 1596 under St.Patrik’s Church,Madras-16<D

1596                    Inscription  on stone in Portuguese-16<E

1596                    Bp. of Cochin in San Thome16<D

1596                    Stone refers to Bleeding cross, stone of 1636 to both-16>C

1596                    Stones of 1596 and 1636-16>D

1596                    Inscription of stone - on altar -16>B

1596                    Kaduthuruthy Granite cross erected (39ft.)-139<F

1596                    3rd Stone commemorating 1596 stone, Madras -16<G

1597                    Death of Mar Abraham -40<G, 49<B,64<G,195<E,201<C

1597                    Menezes appoints Roz Administrator-214>A

1597                    Letter of Menezes to Rome-his mind-57>E

1597, May.         Question Postponed (about Angamale) -40<F

1597,Jan.,21      Pope Clement  VIII’s brief about vicar apost.for Angamale -49<C,40<E,201<C

1597,Dec.,19     Menezes intention to visit Malabar-40>D

1597                    Mar Abr.dies. Abp.      Menezes to Malabar -28>A

1597                    Mar Abraham ruled until death-39>B

1597                    Mar Abraham, Staunch defender of Thos.X’ians,till death  -63>G

1598                    Latin diocese of Cochin - Jurisdiction-42<D

1599                    Jacob Cathanar Canon laws Portug. to Malayalam-161>E

1599                 Menezes Consecrates 50 priests at Parur-213<B

1599                    Menezes  Convokes synod  of Diamper -60>B

1599                    Menezes visits Manarkad (Kottayam)Church-209<B

1599                    Synod of Diamper-suffering of Thos. X’ians-207<F

1599                    Synod of Diamper-33>C,114>F, 170<B

1599                    Canons of Diamper - which faiths in Malabar?-33>E

1599,June           Diamper forced Thomas X’ians to condemn Patriarch-41<F

1599,June           Diamp.Synod: Asked to condemn Patriarch-41<G

1599,Jun,20-26                  Synod in the Udayam Perur Church-49<D

1599                    Kaduthuruthy cross Consecrated, on Good Friday by Abp. of Goa 139<F

1599                    New outlook on low caste conversions-123>A

1599                    Church at Kaduthuruthy rebuilt-143<F

1599                    Portuguese failures at                          Diamper-128<F

1599,Nov.,5      Roz S.J. Bp. of Angamale-195<C

1599,Nov.,5      Roz. S.J.  Successor of Mar Abraham at Angamale-42<B

1599,Nov.,         Latin Letter of Synod to the Pope-42<A

1599,Dec.,20     Roz S.J.  suffragan to Goa-42<C

1599,Dec.,21     Letter of Nicola Pimenta S.J.-112<C

1599                    Diamper tried to uproot untouchability-127>E

1599-1624         Roz.S.J. 1st Latin Bishop- rector Vypincotta -214<G

1599                    Menezes in M’bar& conversion of Thos. X’ians- 109<G

1599                    Synod of Diamper:Feasts altered-112>F

1599           of heresy:                         ’Diamper Synod’-28<B

1599                    Malankara Church Roman Catholic 1599-1653- 33<G

1599                    One of two Parur Priests died-38>A

1599                    Vicar General appointed by Mar Simon-39>D

1599                    Synod of Diamper: triumph of Latin Padroado-62>E

1599                    Synod ends in acceptance of Goan Jurisdiction-64>A

1599                    Diamper split Southists also into two-74>E

1599                    Synod of Diamper- Latinisation-86>A

1599                    Many Mss. were destroyed- Synod of Diamper93>D

1599                    64 Nestorian Churches- continuation of revolt-94<F

1600,Aug.,4      Padroado was extended over Angamale -42<C,195<C

1600                    Fenicio S.J. describes construction of Stone Church, Palayur -176<C

1600                    Roz appointed successor of Mar Abraham-53<F

1600                    Bp. of Cochin’s report on Bleed ing stone-16<F

1600                    Palluruthi Yakob Kathanar- Diamper Cannone-168<A

1600,Oct.,27     Franscisco Roize Sepulchre-159<E

1600-1607         Indicarum Rerum-letter by James Fenicio -22>E

1600-1624         Fr.Francis Roz - his period -49<F

1600                    Prelates lived in cranganore-38>B

1600                    Fr. Francis Roz, a Spaniard, Bp. of Angamale-44<C

1601                    Jornada by Gouvea -15>A

1601                    Songs-from compositions of 2nd priest of Maliekal family of Niranam -9<B

1601,Jan.,20      Roz consecrated at Goa-214>A

1601-1659         Reports of the Jesuits in India-64>E

1601                    Thos. X’ians left Cranganore though they had 3churches-38>A

1603                    Roz held Synod of Angamale to correct Diamper-214>B

1603,Dec.,          Fr. Matteo Ricci: confucianrites in Catholic worship-188>B

1604                    Cranganore Franciscan Seminary-202<D

1604                    Roz: Knanai Thommen Copper Plate-134>A

1604                    Relacao da Christianidadeda Serra- Bp.RozS.J.-52>G

1604                    Mission of Fr. Fenico, Roz S.J. Reports-12<G

1604                    Report by Roz s.j.,Brit.Mus.MS.-112>A

1604                    Roz S.J. Report - Brit. Mus. MS. -42>G

1605                    De Nobili S.J. Italian Missionary in India-202>C

1606                    Gouvea (ed) Jornada  Coimbra-204<G

1606                    De Nobili S.J. Came to India to  join Mission on fishery coast-202>C

1606                    Church of St.Thomas becomes Mylapore Cathedral-211<B

1606                    Decisions of Diamper published by Roz-167>F

1606                    Jornada-by Gouvea Coimbra-12>D,15>G,51>A

1606                    Bp.Roz s.j.-information about the territory of serra diocese-53<A

1606                    Gouvea-Portu. work-earliest foreign account-51<F

1606                    Gouvea:Jornada112<D,113<D, 114>C,131<G

1606                    Gouvea publishes Acts of the  ‘Synod’-28<C

1606                    Statutes of Bp.Roz s.j.(vat.codex ind.18)-41>E

1606                    Decrees of synod of Diamper Coimbra-43>E

1606                    Roz:Many Thos.X’ians left Cranganore&why?-63<D

1606                    Gouvea-Jornada-64>F

1607                    Fenichio rebuilt wooden church of  Palayur-212>A

1607                    Fr.Fenicio s.j.wrote between 1600-1607-176<C

1608,Dec.,22     Angamale’s Archepiscopal dignity was restored 53<F,195<C, 214>A

1609                    Diocese of Angamale was transmuted into Cranga­nore-60>D

1609,Dec.,          Angamale Metropolitan Seat shifted to Cranganore-195<C

1609                    Francis Roz Abp. of Cranganore-44<D

1610                    New arrangement of territorial limits Cranganore-53<F

1610                    Chembrambaukam Tank overflowing forms Adayar River-17>G

1610                    Stream near L.Mount-Fr. Tachrad -17>E

1610                    Heavy rain forms L.Mount stream-17>F

1610                    Roz S.J. 1st Latin prelate of  Thomas X’ians-31>A

1612                    Fr. Manuel Barradas S.J. on Stone Cross discovery-16>D

1613                    Penance:Rampan Ouseph Qsnaya’s account-116<D

1615                    Jerrie Petrus S.J. “The saurus Rerum  Indic. rum”3 Vols.-42<D,131<G

1615                    Diego”Gonsalves” Historia do Malavar”, ed. Wicki.J-42<G

1618,Aug.,20    Campori S.J. writes from Vaipicotta-Quilon X’ians-42<G

1619                    Xavier Beatified-218<A

1619                    Cranganore became a small Village of 20 or 30 families-38>B

1619                    Chronaca of king Emmanuel by A.AlvaresLisboa-43<A

1620                    Sebastiani born in Italy -214>F

1622                    Xavier Canonised-218<A

1624                    Death  of Abp. Roz-60>D

1624                    Kaduthuruthy Dominican Semi. by Fr. Francis Donato-205>D

1624                    Inscription on a tomb                         stone, Santa Cruz, Cochin-159<G

1624,Feb.,16     Roz dies-214>B

1624-1641         Stephen D. Britto - Bishop-49<F, 215<E

1624                    Letter of Archdeacon on errors-42<A,108>E

1627                    Britto-Edappally- criteria for admission to priesthood-215<E

1630                    Fr. Donato becomes Bp.-205>D

1630                    Life of St. Francis Xavier printed in Rome-10>B

1630                    Vita S. Francisci Xaverii-Lib.III, Romae-12<F

1632                    Mar Ahathalla became a Catholic-193>A

1632-1663         Archiv. prop. Fide, Scritt. India-Ori. Vol-5-42>C

1634,Feb.,16     Fr. Donato’s Letter- Jesuit Exclusivity-202>F

1634,Apr.           Fr. Donato arrives at Cochin-202>E

1634                    On his way to Rome    Donato killed by Moors-205>E

1635                    Maronites have 14 Taksa-194>G

1636                    St. Patriks’ L.Mt. Church rebuilt -16<C<G

1636                    Tomb stone disappeared-16>D

1636                    Inscription on tomb stone (L.Mt.)-16>B

1637                    Archdeacon George died- 204<F

1637                    Francis Garzia Conse  crated Co-adjutor of Crang.-204<D

1641                    Archdeacon George dies succeeded by Thomas-215<F

1641-1659         Bishop  Francis Garzia S.J. -49<F, 60>D

1644                    Manchu Dynasty:China

1645                    Nobili, de S.J. to Jaffna -202>C

1646                    Portug. king forbade other religious-202>F

1648                    La Tripple courenne ... By Fr. Gonsalves-31>C

1652                    Mar Ahathalla arrived in Surat-193>B

1652                    Ahathalla claimed to be the Patriarch of India-By Pope Urban VIII-49>A

1652                    Ahathalla detained in                          Mylapore by Portuguese-10>A

1652,Aug.,23    Mar Ahathallah arrrived in Mylapore-193>B

1652                    Ahathalah arrives in Surat-193>B

1653                    Archdeacon Thomas Parambil rebels against Garzia-49<G

1653                    Coonan Cross Oath -36>A,48<D, 53<G,60>D

1653,Jan.,3         Coonan Cross Oath -  88<D, 193>C, 209>F

1653,May.,22    Mar Thoma I consecrated by 12 Priests-193>E

1653                    Revolt ended Schism & importation of Jacobitism-111>B

1653                    Revolt against Port.Jesuits, not Rome-71>G,112>C>D,123<B

1653                    Malankara Church - Roman Catholic 1599-1653-33<F

1653                    Syrians refused obedience towards Latin Bps.-86>A

1654                    Nomi di terre....(Jesuit archives Rome- Goa)-38>B

1655                    Sebastiani (Joseph of St.Mary) arrives in Surat-214>E

1655                    Mission of Conciliation sent by Pope-60>F

1656                    Death of De. Nobili S.J.-202>C

1656,Mar.,23     Papal approval - Confucian rites-188>B

1657                    Sebastiani reaches Cochin with another Carmelite-214>E

1657                    Carmelite Joseph Sebastiani arrives in Ma’bar-49>E

1657,Sep.,10     24  Churches at Muttom gathering-201>E

1657,Dec.,15     Council of Cochin,Muttom, Mattanchery, Alangad-201>G

1658,Jan.,7         Sebastiani to Rome with Fr. Vincent-214>F

1659                    Abp. Garzia passes away-49>F

1659                    Historic Vic. Ap. of     Malabar erected by Rome-60>F

1659,Dec.,15     Sebastiani Consec. Vicar Ap. of Malabar at Vatican-214>F                         

1659,Dec.,15     Sebastiani tit.bp. of Hierapoli by Alex VII-194<D

1659,Dec.,24     Brief Makes Sebastiani Commissary Ap. of Serra-214>F

1659                    Jesuit Frs. Archbps. of Cranganore -44>D

1660                    Ahathalla’s sufferings- song by Vicar of Mangatt Church-208<C

1661                    Sebastiani returns to India from Rome-49>F

1661                    Portug. destory Pardesi Synagogue &Jews Town-184>B

1662                    Dutch defeat Portuguese, capture Cochin-214>G

1662                    Dutch attack Cochin, but withdraw -184>C

1662,Feb.,1        Alex. de Campo/Palliveettil Kuriakose 1st Indian Cath. Bp. 212>E

1663                    Ambazhakad-pure  malayalam Printing started -166>E,194>C

1663                    Syrians Come to Cochin, only after 1663-45>C

1663                    Alex. de Campo -tit.bp. of Megara& V.Ap. of Malabar-53>B

1663                    Re-appearance of Dutch at Cochin -184>C

1663                    Portug. fort of Cochin under Dutch Power-49>F

1663,Jan.,31      Sebast. appoints Alex. Parambil Vicar Kaduthuruthy-214>G

1663-1797         Dutch Period-184>C

1663-87              Fr. Alexander Palliveettil (later de Campo)-123<C

1664                    Jesuits forced to leave                         Vypincotta-Seminary lepers asylum-217<D

1664                    Ambazhakkad Seminary Vypincotta shifted to-194>D

1664                    Pardesi Synagogue re                         built 183<B

1665                    Mar Gregorios reaches Malabar-45>F,54<D,79<D 95<C,204>A

1665                    Abp. of Verapoly: Jacobites only new arrivals (re.Karingachira)-46<D

1665                    Final merger with Patriarchate of  Antioch-33<D

1665                    Contact with Jacobite bp. only in 1665-86>A

1665                    Judge Raghavan Nambyar:No Nestorian Church here-92>C

1666                    Prima Spediz., Alle Indie Ori.,Rome-52<E, 112<A

1666,1674,1703Faria Y. Sousa, 3 Vols.(Lisbon): Asia Port-64>F

1666,July.,28    Azvedo S.J. to Fr. Baradas on Malankara reaction-85<D

1672                    Vincenzo Maria:II Viaggioalle Indie -112<A,177<B

1673                    Verapoly Seminar estd. -217<E

1674                    John baptista Ital. Carm.) on 7 sacraments-197>D,203>D

1674                    John Stephen -Malayalam Dictionary &7 Sacraments-167>E

1674,Mar.,3       Alex. Campo as Metropolitan of All India?-212>E

1675                    Thos. de Castro X Raphael Figuredo Salgado-212>E

1677                    De Campo buried at Kuravilangad  -212>F

1677                    Collegius Maximum for the Malabar Province-194>D

1678                    Hortus Malabaricus (Latin) Pubd.  between 1678-1703-162<D

1681                    Mal. books by Bp. Innoochens of Hungary-167>F

1683                    Salagado enthroned at Edappally-203>G

1684                    Figueredo suspended from Office-204<A

1685                    Mar Basil from Antioch-207>D

1685                    Dr. Constantino rebuilt.L.Mt. Church -16<C

1685                    Basilius & John in Malabar-80<B

1685                    Delegation from  Amsterdam (M.P.D.Paiva) in Cochin-184>D

1685                    Mar John - Jacobitism-85>C

1686                    Mathews Padri’s ‘Hortus’ (Garden of Kerala)-Malayalam  types-167<A

1686                    Mar Ivanios (John) the Antiochean Jacobite Prelate -80>G

1686                    Paiva visit  Cochin-185<E

1686                    Orthodox Syrian customs resumed-80>D

1686                    Old customs : Latin, Orthodox? -81<C

1686                    Jews led Amstr.-Cochin by M.P. de Paiva-27<A

1686                    Mar Ivanios comes to                          Malabar-80>E

1686                    Paulinus: Thomas D Campo-a Lay intruder-85>E

1687                    Notisias Dos Judeos De Cochin- report by M.P.D.Paiva-184>D

1687                    Death of Mar Alexander-50<B

1687-1768         Assemani Joseph Simonius-196>C

1688,Oct.,15     Death of Sebastiani-214>G

1691                    Mathews  Padri buried-167<A

1693                    Death of Mar John-80<D

1694                    Hist. of the Church of Malabar- Geddes-London-51<F>A

1694-1771         Ezekiel Rahabi-184>E

1695,Oct.,12     Figueredo died-204<A

1696                    Sakthan Thampuran- Commercial trade town Trichur- 91>E

1699                    Arnos Padri comes to                         Kerala -163>A, 196<E

1700                    Dr. Angelo Francis - 1st Mal. grammarian-160>D

1700                    East Syrian bp. Mar Simon in India-199>C

1700,June           Letters curi., Pierre Martin-68<G

1700-1712         Malaya. grammar by     A.Francis-167>D

1700-1712         Angelo Francis-50<D

1701,May,22     Angelus Francis-Conse crated by Bp. Simon at Alangad-195>B, 215<D

1701-1716         John Ribeiro (Cranganore)-50<E

1701                    Mar Simon arrives -93>G

1702                    Nuovo Vi., Venezia- Lettera XII, P.126-12<F

1703                    Mar Simon’s dead body in a well at Pondicherry-93>G

1704                    Augustine - Petition from Mar Thoma IV to Holy see -197<C

1704                    Last record of Sweating of Cross-15>E

1704                    Sweating of Cross-16<A

1704,June,22     Abp. of Malabar J. Rebeiro- attempt to expand Jurisdiction-44>D

1704,Nov.,20    Clement XI withdrew permission for confucian rite-188>B

1704                    Mar Gabriel’s attempts in Malabar-86<C

1705                    Mar Gabriel reached    Ma’bar from Bagdad-46<A,80<E,86<C

1707                    Portico built by the Portuguese (Madras)-17<A

1707,July.,30    Cochin Council resolved against king-44>E

1707-82              Stephen Evodius-Orientalist-196>C

1708,June,24     Ola from  Syrian Bp. against king-44>G

1708,June,25     Dutch  Commandeur-  Pettition from Syrian Metran-46<B

1709                    Mar Gabriel arrives-199>C

1709                    Carmelite V.Ap. Jurisdiction over Thomas X’ians-53>B

1709                    Mar Thomas IV writes  Jacobite Patriarch of Antioch-80<E

1710                    Fr.Guy Tachard S.J. on Little Mount-17<C

1710-82              Joseph Alosius orientalist-196>C

1711                    Little Mount hole in the rock/canal-17>B

1711,Jan.,18      Letter from Chandernagore-16<B

1712,Oct.,17     Bp. Angelus Francis dies at Verapoly at 62-195>B

1712-50              John Baptist Morteo, Vic. Apostolic-50<D

1713                    Dispute R.C. Syrians about  Malayattur Church-45<C

1714-82              Clement Padri, first Malayalam book, Samkshepa Vedartham-201<B

1714                    Relatio historica, Leiden, 1714-85>F

1714                    Letter of Mar Thoma IV to Antioch Patr. charles Schaaf-85>F

1715-1789         Hungarian Farez Moopen book of grammar & a dictionary-167>E

1716-1717         Letter from Syrian Bp. to the Companyagainst cath. Miss.-44>G

1716-1752         Antonio Pimenta, prelate appointed to Cranganore-50<E

1718                    Ollur Church built (St.Antony’s Forane Church) -211>G

1719, May.,7     Tour of Commander: Kottattu (Kottayam),Purakkad(Kayamkulam)-45<A

1719-1728         Assemani:Bibl.Orient.-29<F

1719,May.,7      Jesuit Ant. Piemertal succeeds Anjikaimal priest-44>G

1720                    Mar Thomas IV again writes Jacobite Patriarch-80<E

1720,Dec.,12     Schaaff the Son- willing to mediate in correspondence with Antioch-86<A

1720,Sep.,25     Paulines Speak about Mar Thomas IV-86<B

1723                 Canter Visscher on Malabar Liturgy-81<E>E

1724                    Logan’s  Malabar II P. ccxliii on treaty with Zamorin-173>C

1725                    The Church of Madre de deos completed-173<E

1725-28              Bibliotheca orient Vol.III-Rome (J.S.A)-51>G

1726                    Petrus Uscan built Marmalong Bridge-17>D

1726                    Petrus Uscan built steps of Big Mount-17<B

1726                    Steps built-17<A

1726                    Desideri on the Picture “Our Lady & Child”-16>E

1726                    Marmalong Bridge (L. Mount) built-17>E

1727                    Carved pulpit in Armenian style, at mount Church-16>F

1728                    Histo. du. Christ. Indes-, La Croze-51>A

1728,Feb.,23     Relatio card Dellia-86<C

1728-31              Batavia to Cochin:protestant Church Council reproved-45<B

1728                    Biblio. Orient. Clemen  Vaticana. Vol.4 Romae(J.S.A.)-86<A

1728                    Acta anni Vol. 98 f.97(Arch. Prop Fide)-86<C

1729                    Joseph Pinheiro S.J. to Bp. of  Verapoly-18<B

1729                    Stone image of St. Thomas discovered-18<A

1729                    Dutch Commandeur warns kings against harassing X’ians -46<C

1729                    Ola to kings and chiefs of Malabar -45<B

1729                    June,8      Mar Thomas writes Dutch Governor-80<G

1730                    Mar Gabriel dies-46<B,86<G

1731                    No Nestorian Churches-Judge B.K.R.Nambyar-92>C

1731                    Mar Gabriel buried-93>G,95<C

1732                    Death of Arnos Padri at Pazhuvil-167>A

1735                    Mar Thoma in office-46<F

1735                    Death of Mar Thoma-46<D

1735-39              Letter from Varapuzha on X’ians of  Kandanatt-45<C

1737                    Cochin king Orders obedience to Mar Thoma-46<D

1737                    Letter from king to Kattanars & X’ians -45<C

1738-41              Letter from  Holland expressing dissatisfaction on R.C. success-45<C

1740                    Christ. in quat Patri. digest, Paris.-31>E

1740,June,22     Dutch prevent Anjikaimal move-45>G

1740,Aug.,10    Anjikaimal X’ians depose Vicar-45<D

1742,May.,5      Mar Joseph Kariattil born-193>E

1742-1800         Fr. Alosius Mary-194>A

1744-48              Disagreement of the two Syrian Bps. Thoma &Jonas-45<F

1745                    Johannes’ letters to Dutch Co.-46>B

1745                    Hist. Eccle. Malab., Rome.-51>A

1745                    Raulin-Hist.EccleMalab.cum. Diamp.Syno-Romae-57>G

1745-49              Dutch records for 45-49-45<E

1745                    Penance:Raulin, Hist.Ecc. Malabarica-116<F

1745                    Raulin F.’s book on dust from Thomas tomb(polo)-32<C

1745                    J.F. Raulin, HEMDS-85<D

1747,Dec.,13     Syrian bp. quarells with some X’ians-45<F

1747                    3rd Bp. Mar John -from Basra-94<A

1748                    Xavier declared patron of the Orient-218<A

1748                    Fr. Bonifacius-report to S.C. Propa. Fide-83<G

1748                    Letter from Syrian Bp. Mar Johannes-45<E

1748                    Malankara Jacobite Church use leavened bread-82>B

1748                    Bonifacius a Bambino, Gesu O.C.D.-Roz’s Liturgy-82<E

1748                    Chaldean rites - possible?-82<F

1748,Jan.,16      Letter from Syr. Bp. Joannes-Shortcomings of X’ians-45<G

1748,Oct.,18     Letter from Batavia on  disputes of Syrians-45>A

1748,Oct.,22     Syr.Bp.’s letter for protection from Catholicos-45<G

1748                    Letter of Mar Thomas V to Rome-86>F

1749                    Letter to Batavia-advice to Bp. Joannes-45<E

1750                    The great bell-173>E

1750                    Schismatics  called heretics of chaldean rite by Secr. Prop. Fide-81<F

1750,Aug.,16    Fr. Bonifacius’-report to S.C. Prop. fide.-81<E

1750,Aug.,16    Nicalaus  Zucarius’s report to Propog. Fide-86<G

1750,Aug.,16    APF. SOCP., vol. 109.f.9v.-86<G>B>D,87<D

1750-1760         Trichur occupied by the Zamorin-216>D

1750                    Chaldean liturgy & Catholic Community’s Litu.-81<A

1751                    Arrival of Mar Basilius & Mar John &c significant-82<B

1751                    Letter of Antioch Patr. -customs alien to their church-83<G

1751                    Arrival of Antioch Bps. - Antio. Liturgy came into use-82>B

1751                    Mar Basilius & Mar John intro. Antioch litu.-81<A

1751                    Mar Gregorios- a deleg. of Patr.comes to Kerala-91<C

1751,Jan.,25      Letter of Ant. Patr. to Mar Thomas V-87<D

1752                    Dispute between  Syr. church & Abp. Bassileus-45>A

1753-1756         John Louis Vosconcellos-50<E

1755,July,19     Attempts at reconcil. bet. Syr. Abp. & Mar Thoma-45>B

1756-1777         Salvador dos Reis.-50<E

1757                    1st Book printed for Cochin Jews at Amsterdam-184>F

1758,Jan.,12      Anquetil du peron-Visits Mar Basilius-86>D

1758,Aug.,30    Bp. Basilius on Karingachira Church-45>B

1762                    Cochin rule restored from Zamorin-193>D

1765-1808         Mar Thoma VI (at the coming of the British)-76<C

1766,Dec.,1       Varapuzha seminary functions again-217<E

1766                    Malabar invasion of Hyder Ali-173>C

1767                    Clock tower of  Mattanchery-183<B

1768                    Kariattil Joseph Malpan-admini. of Seminary at Alangattu-161>F

1768                    Kariattil’s famous work ‘Veda tharkam’-161>F

1768                    Kattakkayam Mathew born-123>G

1770                    Mar Thoma VI reconsecrated by visiting Syr.Prelates-76<C

1771-81              Memoir of Moens 2nd Dutch gover. -44<A

1772                    “Nassranikal okkeyum....Vedartham”Printed (Clement Padri)-162<E

1772                    ‘Ezhukudasakal’  manuscript at Rome-203>E

1772                    ‘Chaturavadivu’ printed (Clement)-166>G

1772                    Mar Koorilose-foundation for Thozhiyur Church-91<E

1773                    Lawrence Bp. of Varapuzha dies-162<A

1773                    Suppression of the Society of Jesus-194>E

1773                    Syr. brought back from Alangad-217<E

1774                    Changanassery centre for training Priests-199>D

1774-1775         Arch. Supra Sar.reif. Vol. 34-42>D

1775                    Sacramentary Printed-118<E

1775-1779         Bp. Francis de Sales-50<D<F

1775           Nest.-29<F

1775                    Assemani J.A. Catho. Seu Patr.<F

1776                    Gallandi, Biblio. Veter. Patrum Venice.-31<C

1777                    Paulinos lived at Varapuzha Seminary-161>A

1777                    Paulinos Padri Came  to Kerala-167>B

1778                    Dr. Kariattil leads delegation to Holy See-82>F

1778                    Dr. Joseph Kariattil, Fr. Thomas Paremakkal-reunion effort-82<C

1778,June           Dr. J. Kariattil to Rome-86>E

1778,Oct.           Kariattil Thoma Kathanar set out to Rome-162<B

1778                    Antioch. Liturgy’s spreading-86>E

1779,Sept.,29    Batavia-letter to exam. of Syr. priest-45>C

1779-1782         Sherpen Zeel and Soledade (admin.)-50<E

1779-83              Charles of St. Conrad (admin.)-50<D

1781                    letters edifi. et. curi. 2nd ed., Paris-16<B

1781                    Big battle during Hyder Ali’s invasion-16<C

1781                    Reformation Programme of Mar Dionysius I-83<G

1781,May,14     Bp. Carlo writes S.C.Prop.Fide-Synod of Diam.-82>G

1781,May.,7      Commandeur on Gheevarghese Kuryala embracing Protestantism-45>C

1782                    BP. Carlo wrote S.C. Pro p: Mar Thoma’s request-83<A

1782,Feb.,20     Carlo Bp. of Calamina’s letter: Mar Dionysius-82>D

1782,Feb.,20     The letter of D. Carlo-86>G

1782,Apr.,8       Carlo to Prop. again : Mar Dionysius  & C.-87<A

1782,Sep.,8        Bp. Carlo’s  letter again to S.C. Prop.-87<A

1782-1786         Mar Joseph Kariattil-50<E

1784,May,17     cf. APF., SOCG., Vol.867 f 171 v.-87<A

1784,May,17     The report of Fr. soledado (APF,SOCG)-86>F

1784-1802         Aloysius Mary -50<D

1785                    Abp. Cariattil uses Syr. translation of Latin Pontifical-118<E

1785-1800         Fr. Aloysius Mary(Italy) V.Ap. of Malankara-194>B

1785-1835         Joseph Fenn-(Cherussery Chattu Nair)-203>E

1786,Mar.,24     Bp. Aloysius wrotes S.C. Prop. Fide: Schismatics-82<E

1786-1799         Thomas Paremmakkal (admin.)-50<E

1786                    Noticias de Reyno do Malabar-42>D

1786                    Letter of Bp.Aloysius in APF SOCG-86>F

1787,Feb.,1        Angamaly council I under Thomas Paremakkal-94<B,195<D

1787?0962M.E.Paremakkal Archdeacon head of Syro-Chaldeans-94<C

1787                    Syro-Chaldeans-independent community-94<D

1788                    Vicar&his flock took refuge in Tellicherry:Tippu-173>C

1788                    Confirmation process-abandonment of reformation process-83>A

1788,Apr.,25     4 missionaries to prop.:reunion possibility dismissed-83<C 

1789                    Paulinos Padri returned to Europe-167>B

1789                    Tippu in Trichur-216>D

1789,May.,21    Syrian Priest not found fit-45>C

1789                    Tippu Sultan destroyed Trichur town-91>F

1790                    Ollur Church attacked by Tippu Sultan-211>G

1790                    Arthat Church destroyed by Tippu-196<G

1790                    Ambazhakkad seminary destroyed by Tippu-194>E

1790                    George Powny onditch(“Lines”) of Tippu-155>G

1790                    “Latin book of declarations” written-167>B

1791-1871         Benjamin  Bailey-197<G

1792                    Portuguese Vicar&c. found 500 trees cut by compa­ny-173>C

1794                    Paulinos:Indiaorientalis christiana, Rome31<G,52<F,85<D,131<F

1795                    Cochin under British rule:Jews-184>G

1795                    British captured Malabar from Dutch:Tippu-76<A

1796                    Paulinos,O.C.D.:Viaggio Alle Indie Orientali, Roma11<E, 22>G,32>C,42>D,52<F,112<C,116<E

1796                    Paoli:Cochin & Travancore churches:64 Nest.,32 Jacobite,20 Latin-94<E

1796                    64 Nestorian churches-Paoli-94<F

1797                    Church was tiled (Calicut)-173>F

1799                    Robert Drummond-Malayalam gram.pubd.,Bombay-167>D

1799                    Paulinos Padri-pubd. list of his works-196<F

1799                    Baptist mission in Serampore (W.B.)-215<A

1799                    Mar Dionysius I reconciled with RC but soon fell away-54<E

1799                    Folk songs:Mar Dionysius I-86>G

1800-1810         Col. Macaulay-British resident for Trav.-208>B

1803-1816         Raymond, Vic. Ap. of Verapoly-50>B

1805                    Chavara Kuriakose Elias b. Kainakary-200<A

1805                    Synagogue  at Mattanchery gifts from king & Resident-183<B

1805                    Sakthan Thampuran dies-94>G

1806                    Marquis of wellesley sends Claudius Buchanan-76<A

1806                    Madras govt. sends Chaplain Richard Kerr-208>B

1806                    Claudius Buchanan’s visit to Trichur:NoChurch-91>G

1806                    Close union bet. Syr. & English Churches-96<G

1807                    4 Gospels  printed by Buchanan,Bombay -198>B

1808                    3,000 gold coins deposited by Mar Dion.-217<G

1808                    Mar Dionysius I dies-54<F

1810                    Edathua Chapel erected-203<E

1811                    Syriac Bible-in Malayalam printed,Bombay-162>D

1811                    Huge Gothuruthu St. Sebastian’s Church built-204<G

1811                    1st Malayalam book printed at Courier Press Bombay-165<D

1811                    Malayalam printing at Bombay-165<D

1811                    Buchanan.C.- Christian Resear. in Asia-Cambridge-51>A

1812                    Mar Thomas VIII about his Church to the Madras govt.-83<D

1812                    Site for Trichur Church purchased, by E.O. Ouseph-92<A

1812                    Laud. for Trichur Church from Nambudhiri-92<F

1813                    Serampore- Danish trading centre-215<A

1814                    Col. Munroe to CMS -210>D

1814                    British govt. permits missionary activity in India-197<G

1814                    Dr. Herman Gundert b. Wittenburg, Germany-167<B

1814-1893         Alexander Cunningham-202<E

1815                    London Mission Society Centre at Nagarcoil-162>B

1815                    1st batch of Protest. Missionaries in Kerala-172<C

1815?0990M.E.Theettooram on Trichur Church-92<E

1815,Mar.           No. Bp. to dedicate Trichur Church-94<F

1815-1829         Rani Parvathy  Bai-210>E

1815-1830         Arch deacon Abraham of Palai ruled-92>F

1815-1860         Period without bishops-92>F

1816                    Church Mission Society opened a Seminary-162>B

1816                    C.M.S. Missionary Bailey in Kerala with wife-197>A,211>D

1816                    1st C.M.S. Missionary in Trav. : Norton-col Munroe-211>C

1816                    B.Bailey : Mal. Eng. Dictionary-167>D

1816                    Col. Munroe brings 4 Angl. Miss. to educate Jacob. clergy-54>A

1816                    Middleton : Malankara Syrians to kneel  during Holy Mass-81>E

1816,Sept.          Rev. & Mrs. Bailey, Rev. T. Dawsons in Madras-95>B

1816-1840         P.Cherian,Malab. Syr.&Church Missi. Soc. Ktm.-87<F

1816                    Rev. Thomas Norton, Cochin & Alleppey-95<G

1817                    447 converted Slaves,221 white Jews in Cochin-185<E

1817,March       Bailey’s move to Ktm.-95>C

1817                    School in Allepey Mission Compound- Thomas Norton-95>A

1818                    Rev.J.Fenn to Jacobite Priests at Mavelikara-203>F

1818                    Carey:Serampore College estd.-215<A

1818                    Mar Mathews Athanasios born at Maramon-196>E

1818                    Norton joined by Bailey & Fenn-211>D

1819                    Henry Bahier-211>D

1819                    Rev. Henry Baker joined Ktm. M.Missionaries-95>C

1820                    Eng. Chap. Rev.Hough displeased by catho.lit.-83>B

1820                    40 Married cassanars - work of Munroe-86>C

1820                    Dawsons leave Cochin-95>B

1821                    Middleton’s 3rd visit-Dionsius has no more complaints-210>B

1821                    C.M.S. Press Ktm. Estd. Munroe-165<D

1821-23              Padroado : only administrators -50>B

1821                    Norton Baptise 26 persons-first C.M.S. baptisms-95>A

1824                    Rev. Samuel Ridsadal Succeeds Thomas Dawson-95>B

1825                    Death of Punnathra Mar Dionisius-202<G

1825                    Mar Athanasius sent at requ. of DionisiusIV-83>D

1825-1893         Aimanam John,P.-193>C

1825-1900         Archdeacon Koshi-207>B

1826                    Rev. Joseph Fenn returns to Europe-203>G

1829                    Bailey’s Bible printed at Ktm.-162>C

1829                    Wooden Press made- Bailey-197>A

1829                    Types in Malayalam-Bailey -165<E

1829,Nov.          Chavara K. Elias ordained Priest-200<A

1829-1855         1st Part of history (Nalagamam)-163<D

1830                    Governing Commitee for Palai St.ThomasChurch-212<E

1830                    New Orthodox Metropolitan becomes unfriendly-76<E

1830-1849         Joseph Cor Episcopa -92>F

1831                    C.M.I. congregation estd., Mannanam-50>B,209<E

1831,Feb.           Palakkunnel Valiachan b.-212<F

1831,May,11     C.M.I. monastery - Mannanam (Kudamaloor)-200<A

1831-44              Francis Xavier-50>B

1832                    “Travel of Rabbi Beth Hillel” pubd. Madras-184>G

1833                    Signs of disunion -C.M.S.-95>D

1834                    School at TVM. -Swathy Tirunnal-162>D

1834                    Govt.Press Trivandrum:Swathi Tirunnal-165>E

1835                    Gothic Church (Edathua) completed-203<E

1835                    School for Engl. Hebrew-Jew Town-185<A

1835-36              Ecclesiastical crisis-102>F

1835                    Mar DionysiusIV to Bp. Wilson on liturgy-87<F

1836                    X’ian dailies: Malabar Mail-166<G

1836                    Mavelikara synod-83>E,86<G, 96>A,210<A

1836                    Ettunoyambu of Manarkad- 2000 present-209<B

1836                    Gundert learns many Ind.langs. during Voyage-167<B

1836                    Declaration of 1836-Antioch. liturgy-84<C

1836                    Anglican Congregations started -76>A

1836,Jan.,16      Bp. D. Wilson at Mavelikkara Synod-210<A

1836,Jan.,18      Mavelikkara Synod-202>B

1836,Jan.            Dissolved partnership bet. C.M.S. & Puthencoore Syrians-95>D

1836                    Chaldean rite continued among Jacobites-72>D

1837                    South Indian Christian Repository, Vol I, Col.Mackenzie-11>A

1838                    Padroado Jurisdiction discontin-ued -Greg.XVI Supr. Cochin & Crang.-50>B

1838                    Script Vet. Nova, Roma-20>F

1839,July           New College- Baker Sr.-95>G

1839-1859         Govt. presses- Tvm.& Cochin-166>E

1839                    William Campbell on western rule-102<B

1839                    History of Christianity in India, J. Hough-86<C

1840                    Case C.M.S. vs. Jacobites-217>A

1840                    Vazhakulam Church built by Fr. Nambiaparambil-217>B

1842                    Kanjirapilly St. Dominic Church-206<G

1842                    British Govt. prohibited another synagogue at Jews Town-185<G

1842                    Mathews Mar Athanasius - consecrated-76>B,196>G

1843                    Cracked bell recast, Calicut Cathedral-173>E

1843                    Mar Athanasius I consecrated-54>B

1843.Aug.,14    Slavery-185<D  

1843                    Mathews Mar Athanasius returns to Malabar-90<A

1844                    Mannanam press started (Carmelites)-165<E

1844                    2nd edition of Missal-118<F

1844-55              Ludovic Vic. Apostolic-50>B

1844                    Mannanam Press-165<E

1845                    Anthology of Proverbs - Gundert-161>B

1845                    Vic. of Verapoly into 3 units: Verapoly, MangaloreQuilon50>C, 209<B

1845                    2nd edn. of Missal & of Sacraments-118<F

1845                    Slaves moved en masse to Brit. Cochin (Jews)-185<G

1845                    Verapoly: Vicariate Ap. -Archdiocese 1886-53>E

1845                    History of Christi. in India, J.Hough, London-51>A

1845,Oct.,22     David Sassoon & Co’s letter to Dewan of Cochin-185>A

1846                    Bailey’s Malayalam-English-Dictionary-167>D

1846                    Arrival of Mar Cyril-87>A

1846                    Yayakim Mar Koorilose in Malankara-91<F

1847                    Cyril comes to Malankara-84<B

1847,June,          Rajya Samacharam-Gundert(1st Mal. Newspaper)-167<E

1847,June           1st issue of Rajya Samacharam daily-164<E

1847,Oct.,          Paschimodhayam, 2nd Newspaper-165>A

1847E                 Dr.Gundert:Malayalam printing-165<E

1847                    Rajya Samacharam, Illikkunnu-165<G

1847                    Koorilose, Antioch Bp. introduces W.Syr.-72>D

1848                    St. Gregorios of Parumala born-213<A

1848                    Eng. Mala. Dictionary(Bailey) -161<D,197>A

1848,Nov.          JnanaNikshepam, Kottayam,C.M.S Press-164<F,165>A>B

1849                    1st biographical work in Mala.-Gundert -167<E

1851                    Keralavilasam Press,Tvm., Eshwara Pillai -165<E

1851                    Ivory throne for Q.Victoria from King of Cochin-216>F

1851                    Priest buried at Mt. not St. Patrick’s-16>D

1852                    King of Trav.Royal proclamation favoring Mathews Athana-196>G

1852                    Nestorians&their Rituals-Badger G.P.,London-51>G

1853                    Fr. Kuriakose superior-209<F

1853                    Mangalore independent of Verapoly-209<B

1853                    Discalced Carmelites of the 3rd order-200<A

1853                    King of Cochin acknow. Mathews Mar Athanasius-196>G

1853,Mar.,15     Quilon a Vic. Ap.-214<C

1853-1935         Maliyammavu Kujuvareed, printer & publisher-207>G

1854                    Bp. Marcelinose arrived in Ap. Seminary-163<F

1854                    Changanassery centre for training priests-199>D

1854                    Thondanattu Anthony&3 other priests to Bagdad-216<F

1854                    Chron. of Florence of Worcester, London-194>A

1854                    Seminaries of Mannanam, Pallipuram,Puli.,Vazha., Elthuruth -199<D 

1854                    Padiyola-Syr. trained separately-217<F

1854                    Hist. of England,I, Dr.Lingard, Lon.6th edn.-194>A

1854                    Converted Slaves (Jews) -185<D

1854                    1st Baptism of outcastes-96<B

1855                    (1030ME)Xtn.documents begin w.ref.toTiruvanchikulam-154<Cn

1855                    Ochamthuruth Mar Sleeba Church founded-211>D

1855                    Converted Slaves (Jews) in Travancore-185<D

1855,Dec.,8       Chavara Elias - religious profession-200<B

1855-70              2nd Part of Malan.hist.-Chavara’s Nalagamam-163<E

1857                    Padr. Metropo. see suppressed & reinstated-195<D

1857                    Concordat bet. Holy See & Portugal: Crang.Cochin restored-53>D

1857,Mar.,27     Mar Mathew Makkil born-208>E

1857,Jul.,12       Mar John Menachery born-210<F

1857-1903         Kandathil Varghese Mapila, founder of Malayala Manorama-206<E

1857                    L’Abbe Huc, China,.Tibet-31<B

1857                    Baker baptised 90 people at Mavlukavu-96<C

1858                    ‘Christian Researches in India’-C.Buchanon, London-29<F

1859                    Vazhakulam Church given to carmelite fathers-217>B

1859                    Edamarathu Victor born (writer)-163>G

1859,May.,17    Letter from Travancore Govt. to British Govt.:right to dress properly-135<E

1859                    Vidyavilasom Press,Calicut-165<E

1860                    Aimanam P John’s”India Charittram”,<C

1860                    ‘Padda Mala’ - Dr. Gundert-167<E

1860-1920         C.D. David, author and journalist-202>B

1861                    V.G. of Verapoly - Chavara ELIAS-200<B

1861                    Roccos & Thondanatt reach Kerala-216<F

1861                    Mar Thomas Roccos&Mar Elias Mellus-50>D,57<A,199>C

1861                    Roccos in Kerala-214<F

1861                    King Alfred the Great & St. Thomas’ tomb-194<F

1861-1882         From Rokos - to Mellus-92>F

1861-62              Mar Thomas Rokos Metropo. in India for 1 year-92>G

1861-65              Archaeological survey of India headed by Cunningham-202<E

1862                    Orphanage & Asylum, Calicut cathedral -173>F

1862                    Rokos returns to Bagdad-216<F

1862                    Howards visits in Malabar-84<A

1862                    Rokkos departure from Malabar-50>E

1862                    ‘Trisagion’ sung in Malabar-83>G

1862                    Anecdota Syriaca - Leiden-86<C

1863                    St.Thomas Press, Cochin-165<E

1864                    ‘Vidyasangraham’monthly- C.M.S. College Ktm.-165>D

1864                    ‘Paschima Tharaka’-164<G

1864-1874         Reign of Mar Abdiso-92>G

1864                    Christians of St. Thomas and Their Liturgies,Howard G.B.-87<D

1865                    Pulikkottil Joseph returned to Malabar as Metro.-197<A

1865                    Books - Samavedam etc.-162>G

1866                    Mangalapuzha Bldg. to Archbp. of Goa for a Seminary-209<D

1866                    Verapoly Seminary shifted to Puthenpally for Syr.& L.-199<D

1866                    Town of Cochin becomes a Municipality-201<D

1866                    Vazhakulam Seminary estd.-217>C

1866                    1st convent Koonamavu (Chavara. K.Elias)-201>A

1866                    Puthenpally Seminary earlier at Verapoly-213>F

1866-1932         Puthenpally Seminary-213>F

1866                    Carmina Nisibina, Bickel, Lipsiae-12<B

1866                    ‘Keralam’ published from Cochin-165>D

1866                    1st writing of Ephraem on St. Thomas in India-19<A

1866-1877         Bp. Marcelinose - Rector of Varapuzha puthenpally Seminary-163<F

1866                    Golden Jubilee of the Church mission celebrated-96<C

1867                    P.Cherian born in Tiruvalla, author of”C.M.S.”-200<F

1867                    Jnananikshepam-205<C

1868                    Kerala Pazhama(Ist Hist.of Kerala)-Gundert-167<E

1868                    Annual feeding of poor could not be stopped-195>G

1868,Dec.,22     Death of Orze Fernandez-159<F

1868 Feb., 6       Priest to wear shoes & stockings-118<F

1868-1879         Bull. Patr. Port., PP. 203,204-43<C

1868-77              Leonard of St. Louis(prelate-verapoly)-50>E

1870                    Kerala Pathaka Newspaper-Mangalath K.Asan,Cochin-164<G

1870                    ‘Malayalam’s lamp of...’, Koonamavu-163<G

1870                    Malayala Rajyam (Geography)-167<E

1870-85              Archaelogical Survey of India: Cunningham-202<E

1870                    Khayyath,G.:Syri Orientales seu Chal.-30>E,112<F

1870                    C.M.S. Church Membership - 12000-96<D

1871                    Death of Bailey at 80-197>B

1871,Jan.,3         Chavara Kuriakose Elias dies-200<B

1871                    Translation of Acts into English,W.Wright-26<E

1872                    Gundert’ss Lexicon Pubd.-161<A

1872                    History of the Gospel - Pubd.-163<G

1872-77              Abbelloos and Lamy’s 3 Vols. edn. of Chron.Eccl.-18>A

1872                    Bullarium  Patronatus, Lisbon-71<B

1873                    Rome refuses Patr.’s request-210<C

1873                    “Lingerings of Light in a Dark land”, London-51>A,85>C,177<C

1873,Jan.,14      Thomas Kurialassery born (kalloorkad)-208<B

1874                    Athirampuzha St. Mary’s Church rebuilt-197<B

1874                    Mellus, Bp. of Acra, in Malabar-50>D,57>A,210<E

1874                    Academy vol. 5. p.145 (Persian Cross)-14>A

1874                    “Keralopakari”, Jews daily-165>D

1874                    Schism of Mellus-54>D

1874                    Cyril in Malankara (chaldean traits removed)-84<B

1874,Aug.,25    Augustine Kandathil born-206<D

1874,Oct.,25     Mellus excommunicated-210<F

1874-1882         Mar Mellus rules Trichur Church-92>G

1874                    Mar Mellus sent back-94<G

1874                    Michael Augustine accompanied Mar Mellus.-94>E

1875                    7 Dolours-215<B

1875                    Reformers - Excommunicated by Jacobite Patr.-54>C

1875                    Syrian Patriarch in Travancore-76>D

1875                    Sathya Nada Kahalam - News Paper-165>E

1875,Feb.,7        Pope Pius IX,s brief (?)-210<D

1875                    Comparative Grammar of .... Bp. Caldwell-27>C

1875                    Varthamanappusthkam - Thomas Paremmakkel-86>E

1876                    Mgr. Leo Maurin sent by S.C. Propaganda-198<E

1876                    Nidhirikkal Manikathanar,1st Mass at Mannanam-211<E

1876                    Francis Vazhapilly born Puthenvelikkara-217>C

1876                    Mulanthuruthy Synod,Pulikkottil Metropolitan-197<A

1876                    Sathya Nada Kahalam,Fr.Louis&T.J.Paili eds.-164<G

1876                    Synod at Mulanthuruthy-76>D,84<F

1877                    Mgr. Pasico sent by S.C. Propoganda-198<E

1877                    Karingachira Pictures, statues to be destoyed (Patr.Peter)-206>C

1877                    Alex. Choolapparambil born-200>C

1877                    Mar Athanasios dies at Maramon (87)-197<A

1877                    Makil Mathew  Ordained-208>F

1877                    Mar Jacob converted & sent back to Mesapot.-210<E

1877                    Bp. Marcelinose 1st rector, Varapuzha- Puthenpally Seminary(1866-1877)-163<F

1877                    Bar Hebraeus, Chron.eccl.-31<F>E

1877                    Syr. Christians separated from Verapoly-60>G

1877                    Jacob David Kohen starts Hebrew-Mal. Press-185<A

1877                    Fr. Marcellinus co-adjutor to Vic.Ap. for Syr. X’ians-50>F

1877,March,1    Chald. Patriarch reconciles with Rome in sick bed-94<G

1877,Aug.,17    Fr. Marcellinus co-adjutorMgr. Mellana-209<G

1877                    Die Kirche der Thomas Christen, Guttersloh-85>D

1877                    Mathews Mar Athanasius- Thomas Mar Athanasius-90<A

1878                    Mangalore diocese passes from Carmelites to Jesuits-209<C

1878                    Calicut Church under Jesuits (PiusIX)-173>G

1878                    Anglican Diocese of Travancore-76>B

1879,July,25     Speechly consecra. 1st Bp., Dio. Trav.Cochin-96<D

1879                    Schools: Athirampuzha,Ramapuram, Kuravilangad-123>C

1880                    Koonammavu Press (1869) shifted to Varapuzha-217<G

1880                    James Vaughan, C.M.S. Mission., Calcutta -102<A

1881                    Grerard’s book on Alankaras from<G

1881                    Vidyavilasini, Trivandrum-165>G

1881-82              Adm. report & Govt. cent museum - 1881-82-16<G

1881                    Max Muller : Science of Languages-27>C

1882                    Sabha Tharaka - Daniel K.N.-202<G

1882                    Mar Abimeleck to Trichur-213>E

1882                    Proverbs of Solomon in Mal. pubd. Archd. Umman-163<C

1882                    First Malayalam Novel Pulleli Kunju-163<B,168<B

1882                    This Stone of Madras : Adm.Report of Govt.Central Museum -16<G

1882,Mar.,5       Mellus returns to Mesapotomia, reconciles with Rome-210<E<F

1882-1900         Mar Abdisho Thondanatt ruled-93<A

1882-1908         Prelates Mar Abdisho & Augustine-92>F

1882-1955         Thariyath Elanjikkal Kunjithomman-207>G

1882                    Madras Governor in Cochin (Ecumenical effort)-100>B

1882                    Mar Ivanios b. in Panicker fly., Mavelikkara-71<F

1882                    Knanaya Committee of Knanaya Churches-88>A

1883                    Didache - discovery & Publication-20>G

1883,Oct.,14     Alphonse Makkat starts Carmelite Ashram, Chethipuzha-200>B

1885(ME1060)                  Cochin King copper-roofs Thriprayar temple-216>B

1885                    Mar John Menachery ord. Priest-210<F

1885                    Anglo-Indian Girls School Thangassery started (Mt.Carmel)-210>C

1885                    Palakunnel Valiachan becomes Priest-212<F

1885                    Statue of St. George removeed for a Parish Church (Vazhakulam)-217>B

1885                    Syr. lit. of St. Mares with Latin translation-21<G

1886                    Mangalore suttragan Diocese of Bombay-209<C

1886                    Archdiocese of Verapoly created-195<D

1886                    Patriarch of All India - Goa Archbishop-204<F

1886                    Jurisdiction & Goa  over Cochin & Mylapore restored-204>B

1886                    Cranganore again suppressed-50>D

1886                    Vedaprasangatharani (Biblica. Commentary for Priests) -163<E

1886                    D’Souza S.J. : Orient. Conquist. Jesu Christo, Bombay-112<D, 131<F

1886                    Book of the Bee, English ed. Budge, Oxford-21>C

1886                    St. Teresa’s life pubd. from  Mannanam-163<G

1886                    Vicariate into Archdiocese of Verapoly & C.-60>G

1886                    Leo XIII estd. Latin Hierarchy  in India (prop. Fide)-53>E

1886,May,20     Syr. Catholics granted Vicariates of Trichur & Kottayam-84<D

1886,Dec.,1       Quilon Diocese formed-214<C

1886-1896         7 Vols. of Ant. Syr. Breviary - Published-19<G                

1886-1946         Catho. Hierarchy of India - 60th Anniversay-Bangalore-56>D

1887                    St. Teresas School, Ernakulam-216<B

1887                    Charles Lavigne first bp. of Kottayam-208<F

1887                    Syro-Malabar Catholics Separated fromVerapoly-50>F,53>G,55>F, 209<G

1887                    Two Syr. Vicariates : Trichur & Kottayam-198<F

1887                    Deepika - a fortnightly-166<C

1887                    Deepika(1887,Ktm.),Vidyavino dini (1889,Tcr.),Kerala Nandini (1889,Tcr.),

1889                 Almopakari(1889,Mang.), Mala. Mano.(1890,Ktm.)-166<D

1887                    Arch. Dio. Title of Cranganore for Damaun-53>E

1887,Apr.,15     Oldest Malayalam daily-165>G

1887,Apr.,15     Bp. Marcellinos gives Permission to start Nazrani Deepika-167>G

1887,Dec.,11     Medleycott Consecrated Vic. AP. of  Trichur (Aiuti)-210<B

1887                    “S.Thomas Latin Christians” -Catho. Directory-61<G

1888                    Leo XIII School, Alleppy (Cochin Dioc.)-208<G

1888                    Lavingne started a Seminary (Changanachery)-199>D

1888                    John  Menachery, Secretary to Medlycott-210<F

1888                    Nidhery V.G. for Northists (Lavigne)-211<F

1888                    Malayala Manorama Press (Kandathil Varghese Mappila)-165<F

1888                    Judgement against Reform Party & Mar Thoma Church-90<A<B<C<F

1888                    Fenn writes on true union-96>E

1889                    Metropolitan wins case against reformers-217>A

1889                    Tricur St. Thomas School (Medlycott)-216<D

1889(ME1064)   Medlycott sues for Old Church of Trichur-92<G,94>F

1889                    Chavara’s remains brought to Mannanam-200<B

1889,Feb.,18     Malayala Manorama Company estd.-166<E

1889                    Trichur Church Case-Vattezhuthu on palm leaves -92<C

1890                    Menachery 1st native Vic. Ap.-Zaleskiat Kandy-210<G

1890                    Malayala Manorama started-166<D

1890                    Trav. Royal Court Judgement - Trans. & Ed.E.M.Philip-87<C

1891                    Bhashaposhini Sabha-164>E

1891                    Sir George Birdwood : Modern quest & inv. of the Indies-14>E

1891,Feb.,4        Lavigne starts school at Changana chery (S.B)-198<A

1892                    Maclean : Catholicos of the East &His People, London-22<A

1892                    Nidhiry Prominent fig. at poet’s Conference(ktm.)-163>G

1892                    Rae, G. M. : Syr. Church in India, Edin.-51>A,86>B

1892,Sep.,22     Jacob Vellaringatt born-124>G

1893                    Ebrayakkutty-first Malay. Play (Kand.Var.Mappilai)-203<C

1893,Apr.,20     James Kalassery born-206<A

1893,Apr.,25     Death of Dr. Herman Gundert-167<F

1893-1896         Mylapore - present Gothic Cathedral built-211<B

1893-1958         A.J. John, Gov. Madras-205<C

1893-1965         Dr. Thomas P.J.-216<E

1894                    “The Tinnevelly Shanars”, Madras-14>D

1894,Aug.          Trichur Church Case judgement-95<A

1894-96              Mylapore Excavations-06>D

1894                    Trichur Church Case Judgement-92<G

1895                    Masiah Abded Jacobite Patriarch of Antioch-209>E

1895                    Trichur Church Case Judgement-95<A

1896                    Mar Abdullah becomes Catholic-193<B

1896                    Vicari. reorgan.into Tcr., Ekm.,& Chan.-50>G,53>G,198<F

1896                    Ritual separation & Syr. Catholics-55>F

1896                    Mylapore Cemetery closed down-6>A

1896                    Present Mylapore Church completed-5>G

1896-1961         Swami Agamanantha-181>D

1897-1919         Alosius Pazheparampil-51<B

1897                    Appeal Court decision: Trichur Church Case-92<G

1899                    Purana Katha Nikandu (Myth. Dictionary)Pailo Paul-161<D

1899                    Thangassery Mt. Carmel middle school-210>C

1899                    Analecta Bollandiana,18 Peeters S.J.-05<B

1900                    Death of Mar Oudeesho-Archd. Parippurakkal Kuruvila Thoma-216<G

1900                    Rubens Duval : La Litt. Syr., Paris-22<A

1900                    Lord Curzon in Pardesi Synagogue-185<A

1901                    Malayala Manorama a bi-weekly-166<F

1901                    G.T. Mackenzie, X’ity in Travancore- 31<F,32<C,51>B, 86<A,112<B,131<F

1901                    Agur : Church Hist. of Travancore-51>B

1901,Dec.,21     Augustine Kandathil Ord.-206<D

1902                    Malayalam Pazhamchollukal- Pailo Paul-161>B

1902                    Flower of Carmel - issued from Mannanam-200<B

1902                    Genuinae Rel. Inter Sedem. Ap., Giamil-12<F,29<G,32<A, 56>F,112<F,114>C

1902                    Msgr. Lamy, Mechliniae (Vol. IV)-19<F

1903                    Leo III a High School-208<G

1903                    Didasealia Apostolorum - M. Dunlop Gibson-23<B

1903                    ‘Church history of Travancore’, C.Augur-29<F,131<F

1903                    ‘Connection of St. Thomas with India’-05<C

1903                    Subsidium ad Bullarium Patro. Portu. Allappey-57>E

1903                    Maliammavu K’Vard.:Bharatha Vil’sm Press-165<F

1903                    Trichur Church Case-92<G

1904                    Nidhirikal Manikathanar dies-211<F

1904,Jul.,17       Kavukkatt Mar Mathew born in Manachery fly.-206>E

1904                    Xavier Patron of Orient & Prop. faith-218<A

1904                    Canones Ecclesiastici-23<C

1904                    “St.Thomas,Condapharnes &  Mazedo”-Indian Antiquary-05<B

1904-06              Tomb area dug for Roman fosse-06<F

1904                    Final petition dismissed during Menachery’s time-92>A

1905                    Turkish Govt. approves Masiah’s deposal-209>E

1905                    Mar Abdullah returns to Jacobitism-193<B

1905                    Corp.Scrip.Christi.Orient.V.11,12,Louv./Wash.-52<B

1905                    “India&Ap.Thomas”-A.Medly cott,London-11<B,26<E,29>G, 32<B,116<G

1906                    Choolaparambil, Ord.,Secretary to Mar Makil-200>C

1906                    Dr.Francis Vazhapilly ordained, Manager St.T.H.S.-217>C

1906                    Present form of shrine - Mylapore-05>G

1906                    The Trav. State Manual, Vol.II Tvm.-05<B,61<C,86<A

1906                    K.Perekat joins Madura Jesuit Mission-124<A

1906                    “Tricentinary of the dio. of Mylapore”-31>D

1907,Jan.,25      Philip Kudakkachira born-124<D

1907                    Thesis of Rev. P.T.Geevarghese-Pubd. in Mala.-32>G

1908                    Mellus reconciled with Rome - dies- 210<F

1908                    Mar Abdulla ordains Mar Dionysius-193<B

1908                    “Indian Christians of St.Thomas” W.J.Richards-131<G

1908                    Mad. Dist. Gazetteers, Innes,Mala & Anjengo-173<B

1908                    A Brief history of Syrian Carmelites of Kerala-Mannanam -52<G

1908                    Patrologia orientalis - vol.4 & 13-52<B

1908,Feb.,26     Eshi Shimun XXIII - Born, Turkey-203<G

1908-1972         Nestorian - Metropolitans-92>F

1908                    Mar Abhi. Thimotheus arrives from Kurdistan-93<A,94>D>E

1908                    Mar Ivanios ordained as Jacobite Priest (G.Panicker)-71<G

1909                    ‘European Travellers in India’-E.F.Oaten-14>E

1909                    Jacobite Patriarch visits Malabar-54<F

1909                    Death of Dionysius-76>F

1909                    Christian Topography, ed. Wind stedt,E.O.-52<B

1909                    Patriarch Abdullah: Knanaya Churches under one dioc.-88>C

1910                    Sanskrit School of Pavaratty founded-P.T.Kuriakku-214>D

1910                    Ancient Songs of Syrian X’ians of Malabar P.U. Lucas-170<C

1910                    An Introduction to the history of Assyrian Church, Wigram-51>G

1910,Aug.,28    Mar Saverios Consecrated Knanaya Churches-88>D

1910                    Separate Knanaya diocese-74>F

1911                    Kandathil Augustine - Co-adjutor -51<B,206<E

1911                    Ktm. New Southist Vicariate created- Mar Makil-50>G,54<A, 198<G, 208>F

1911                    In Universi, Pius X-58<A

1911                    Patriarch Abdulla left India-77<A

1911,Aug.,28    Thomas Kurialassery - Vic. Ap.-208<B

1911                    Roman Southists under Kottayam-74>F

1911                    2nd Major litigation - Trichur Church Case-92>A

1911                    Michael Augustine, Independent-94>E

1911(ME1086)                  Trichur Old Church  suit-95<B<F

1911;1922-32  Rev. Alexander Choolaparambil visits Europe-200>C

1912                    Deepika - biweekly-166<C

1912                    Charpentier J.S.J. Die. Thomas legende...-4>G

1912                    Mar Abdel - Messih in Kerala-77<B

1912                    Mar Baselius I consecrated catholicos by Abdel - Messih-77<C

1912                    Ap. St. Thomas in India - Zaleski L.M.-26<E

1912                    Historia da Igreja em Portugal, F.D.Almeida-71<D

1912                    Deux notices relatives au Malabar,

F. Nau-85>F

1913                    St.Thom. X’ians,Palai,Bernard TOCD(Mal.)-29<F,51<G

1913                    Charles Lavigne dies in France-208<G

1913                    Catholic Encyclopedia, Newyork-38<C

1913                    Litigation already begun-Trich. Church Case-78<G>A

1914                    Mathew Makil - Passes away-208>F

1914                    Catholic Congress started, Cyriac Nidhiry-199<G

1914                    The Syrian Chur. in M’bar-J.C.Panjikaran-5<B,177<C

1914                    Indien und das Christentum - Tuebingen-5<A

1914,Nov.,1      Dr. Alexander Choolaparambil Consecrated-200>C

1914                    Neophytes’admission denied to old Syr. Chur.-123>C

1915                    Serampore Colege - Degrees-215<B

1915                    The Saints of Malabar - Zaleski-177<F

1916                    History of St. Thomas  X’ians: Fr. Bernard-170<C

1916                    Christian Institute - By Sadhu K.J. Mathai-100<B

1916                    Marthoma Christianikal - Vol-I-114>B

1917                    Xavier-St. Theresa-de Lisieu-Prop. of Faith-218<A

1917                    Kottayam - under S. Congregation -54<A

1917-22              Dr. P.V. Cherian - Military Service-200>A

1918                    Interdenominational Serampore Senate-215<B

1918                    Becomes All Kerala Catholic Congress-199<G

1918                    Barbosa Dames, II London-11<F

1918                    Malayala Manorama  triweekly-166<E

1918,May,4       Medlycott dies in Bangalore-210<B

1918-1960         Thomas C.J.-216<D

1919                    Mar Ivanios founded OIC-71>B,198<B

1919                    Menachery Passes away-210<G

1919                    St.Thomas College Trich. founded-Bp.Menach.-216<D

1919                    Patrologia orientalis Vol.4,13-52<B

1919,Apr.,19     James Kalassery Ordained-206<A

1919-1956         Augustine Kandathil-51<B

1919                    Judgement in favour of Catholicos Party-78>A

1920                    S.H.H.S, Trichur-209>D

1920                    Relics of Mar Besilios discovered-Karingachira-206>C

1920                    “An account of...” Mar Pazhepa-rambil-52<F

1920,,Jan.           Encyclical letter - Christian unity-98>A

1920,Apr.,17     V.B.Vaidyanadha Iyer’s Decree-Tcr.Church Case-92>A

1920-21              Sewage in Takshasila- Sir John Marshall-156<A

1920-30              Documents on Christian Unity -G.K.A.Bell-99>F

1920                    The Jews of Asia - Mendelssohn-27>D

1921                    Dr. A. Choolaparambil - memberTrav. legis.Assem.-200>C

1921                    Vazhapilly Vicar Ap. of Trichur-217>C

1921                    The St. Thomas Christi. Vol.II-Bernard(Mal.)-51<G,85>D

1921                    M.A.H. Longhurst visits the tomb at Mylapor-5>A

1921                    Union Christian College founded, Alwae-216>G

1921,July,5        M’bar Cath. Church allowed to receive Jacob.Priests-58<F

1921(ME1096)                  Trichur Old Church suit-95<A<B<F

1922                    Berchaman’s  College founded-198<A

1922                    Deepika - tri weekly-166<C

1922                    Mar Severius Education fund  founded-89<F

1923                    Mar Augustine Kandathil Metrop.-Ekm.-206<D<E

1923                    Calicut, Mangalore two dioceses-53>F,209<C

1923                    Hosten S.J. ch. advisor Arch.Survey excavation-6<F

1923                    Syro-Malabar Hierarchy Constituted-51<A,198<G

1923                    Indian Antiquary vol. 52-52<B

1923                    Trial excavation - Mylapur-6>A

1923                    Dr. Francis Vazhappilly 1st Bp. of Trichur-217>D

1923                    Hier.:Ekm.Metro.,Tcr.,Chny., Ktm.suffr.-54<A,122<A

1923                    Kottayam - Eparchy-55>F

1923,Jan.,2         Appeal Judgement-Trichur Case-92>B,94<D

1923-1925         Thomas Kurialassery- Bp. of Changanassery-208<B

1923                    Biblioetica....Golubovich. G. OFM.-11<F,32<D

1924                    Great flood-Verap. Semi.shifted to Mangalap.-217<F

1924                    Fr.Bernard-Brief History of St.Tho.Chris.-4>G,29<F, 43<B, 56>D,114>G,131<F

1924                    Indian Antiquary - V-53-52<B

1924                    Annalls Ecclesiastical - Roynalds-121<A

1924                    Indian Antiquary-133<F

1924                    Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Cent. Suppl. London-5<D

1924,Nov.,14    Pallium-Mar Augustine Kanda thil-198<G

1924-25              Report of Arch. Survey - Marshall - Taxila-156<B

1924                    Mt. Pictures rennovated-17<A

1924                    History of Kerala- Padmanabha Menon-27>C

1925                    St. Therisa’s College, second grade -216<B

1925                    Mar Ivanios Consecrated by Mar Basilius II-198<C

1925                    Mar Dionysius & C. Consecrated Philexnose of 2nd Catholicos-77<F

1925                    “The early spread of Christianity...”, Mingana.A.-51>G

1925                    Der HI. Thomas der Apostel Indiens, Vaeth-5<D

1925,Apr.,18     C.W.E. Cotton’s award-92>D

1925,Jun.            Thomas Kurialassery dies at Rome-208<B

1925-1947         Kerala & women go Northwards-124<B

1925                    T.K.Joseph’s works:Copper Plates, Ancient Docu­ments-112<D

1925                    Fr. P.T. Gee Varghese Consecrated at Niranam-71>C

1925                    Bethany SIC founded-71>C

1926                    Anthropology of Syr. X’ians- Anantha Krishna Iyer-170<B, 176>G

1926                    Mingana: Early Spread.....-5<B,30<A,31<C,116>B

1926                    The Apostle Thomas in North India-J.N.Farquhar-4>G,11>E

1926                    Synod of Prelates – Catholicos Group-54>E

1926                    The X’ian Churches of the East-Attwater,D.-56>C

1926,Nov.          Mar Ivanios’s memorandum to the S. Congr. -72<E

1926-1927         Reports, Cochin Royal Archaeologist P.Anujan Achan-155>E

1926                    Mar Dioscurus-Successor to Mar Saverios-88>F

1927                    St.Therisa’s College- first grade-216<C

1927                    Deepika - Daily. 1st Malayalam daily-166<C

1927                    Christianity in Malabar - Job.K.E.-56>D

1927                    The Ap. Thomas in S. India, J.N.F-5<A

1927                    Trav. Archaelo. Series - Vol. VI, Part II-12>C

1927,June,11     Mar Saverios Passes away-88>D

1927-47              James Kalassery- Bp. of Changanassery-206<A

1927                    P.Kudakkachira joins Vizag. Mission-124<D

1928                    De erroribus nestormanorum... P. Franceso Roz S.J.-122<G

1928                    Mar Basilius III made Mar Ivanios Metro. of Bethany-198<C

1928                    Sydney Eucharistic Congress - Choolaparambil-200>C

1928                    Mathew Kavukkat joins Pettit seminary-206>E

1928                    Malayala Manorama- daily-166<F

1928                    Mary Baselius Geevarghese I dies-77<F

1928                    Patriarch of Goa- Archbishop of Cranganore-53>E

1928,July           High Court decision in patriarchal case-78>B

1928-1969         Dr. Thomas Puthiakunnel S.V.D.-213>G

1928(ME1103)                  Jewish Hebrew granite slab in R.Arch.Report-159>B

1928                    Bp.Rosilon:O India,Kerala is thy -salv’n-124<C

1929                    The Indian Church of St.Thomas-E.M.Philopose(Mal.)-51<G

1929                    Pahlavi Cross inscript. deciphered-Winckworth-5<E

1929                    The M’bar X’ians and their Ancient Documents-Joseph T.K.-52<A, 112<D

1929                    Moran Mar Baselius Geevarghese II-consecrated-77<G

1929                    M’bar & the Portuguese - K.M. Panicker-27>C

1929                    Nestorian faith, Pamphlet Narsai Press Trichur-33<A

1929\1930         Tomb Stones from Cochin Harbour-159<C

1930                    Kerala Society Papers-177<F

1930                    Letter of Ap. delegation of the E. Indies-58<D

1930                    Latin diocese of Vijayapuram/Kottar-53>E>F

1930                    Mambalam - Coin of Emperor Augustus-5<F

1930                    Mar Ivanios and Theophilos reunite-54>F

1930,Apr.,23     Annakkutty P’purk’l joins SCB CVG, M’lore-124<E

1930,Sep.,20     Mar Ivanios rece. by Bp. Benziger of Quilon-71>D

1930,Sep.,20     Mar Ivanios,Mar Theop. Profes. Of faith-72<G,123<F

1930                    Syro Malank. church(Catho.) formed-71<E,105<B,111>E

1930                    Progress of Re-Union Movement-73<A

1931                    The Song of Thomas Ramban, Cochin-5<A

1931                    The Malabar reunion - Mar Ivanios-57<B

1931                    Diet. di Theologi. Catholique, Vol.II,Paris-51>F

1931                    The Case was dismissed-78>B

1931                    Card. Secretary of Cong. Orient. Church on use of Syro-Antioch-rite-58>A

1931                    Patriarch Elias in Kerala-77>C

1931,April         Holy Chrism. Consecrated at Orth. Seminary-77>C

1931,Feb.,13     ‘Summum Illud’: Tvm.& Tiruvella erected-56<D

1931,Jan.,3         G.Vayalil(Vizag.) recruits 15 Ker.women-124<F

1931                    Rev. J.P.Moothedath Christian Inst.-100<B

1932                    PuthenpPally Seminary-213>F

1932                    Ap. Const. Christo Pastorum Principi:Tvm.,Tiruvela-54>F, 56<D

1932                    De Ritu et..., De Clerq, C-57<D

1932                    Syro-Malankara hierarchy erected: suddists-58>B

1932                    Letter of Mar Choolaparambil from  Rome-58>C

1932                    Ap. Dele. of the E. Indies writes ordinaries of Malabar-58>A

1932,May,2       Mar Ivanios 1st Abp. of Trivandrum-Pallium-71>D

1932,June,10     Christi Pastorum Principi of Pius XI-58<C

1932,June,11     Syro-Malankara hierarchy estd.-58<F,72>G,123<G

1932                    Mar Ivanios goes to Europe-71>D

1932                    Knanaya Commu.-independent-Separate Diocese-88>F

1933                    Puthen Palli Seminary to Mangalapuzha-209<D

1933                    De’Ritu in jure Canonico, in Orientalia Christiana-57<B

1933                    Daniel K.N.: Church of St.Thomas in Malabar-57<A

1933                    La, Chiesa...Beltrami G.-29<F, 31>D,52<D,64>F

1933                    Joseph Attipetty Abp. of Verapoly-61<B

1933                    Gregorianum XIV-64>G

1934                    M’bar Church&Rome-Schurhamm.-31>B,52<B,112<D,117<C

1934                    Pius XI discouraged translation of Lat. Ponti.into Syr.-55<G, 118>B

1934,Feb.,          Death of Mar Dionysius Metropolitan-77>D

1934,Mar.,13     2 quarrelling Parties  meet at Kottayam-77>E

1934                    Ancient Monastery ... P.J. Thomas-5<C

1934                    Figuerdeo : St. Thomas in Mylapore-5<A

1934,June,          Catholicos to Syria-76>F

1934,Oct.,          Catholicos returns angry-77>G

1934,Dec.,          Reprasentative assembly of Malankara Church-77>G

1934,Dec.,20     P.Kudakkachira ord.& goes to Miss.field-124<D

1934                    Rev. K.K. Chandy in the Christian inst.-100<B

1934                    Daughters of Mary - Congrega. For women estd.-73<B

1934                    Withdrawal of from Patr. Jurisdi.-87>E

1935                    Keralathile Christiya Sahithyam-Dr.P.J.Thomas-170<B

1935                    P.Cherian : Malabar Syrians & C.M.S.-87<F

1935(ME1110)                  Latin & Vatteluttu slabs, Chennama -ngalam-159>C

1935,Dec.,21     Mar Mathew Kavukkatt - ordained-206>E

1935-36              Tomb Stones from Cochin Harbour with Port inscriptions-159<C

1936                    Eyyal - Roman Gold & Silver Coins-203>C

1936                    Antiqui. from San.Thome & Myla.-Hosten S.J.-5<A>F

1936                    ‘Varthamana pusthakam’ Pare mmakkal, ed. Luka Mathai-52<F

1936                    “Marriage Customs of the St. Thomas X’ians(Mal) P.J. Thomas-131<G

1936,Nov.,12    Temple entry Proclamation- king  Trav.-181>E

1936                    Bp. Moore of Trivandrum, statement-96>B

1937                    Leo XIII school,Alleppy-handed over to Jesu.-208>A

1937                    Diocese of Trivandrum-53>F

1937                    Das Schisma der. Thomas Werth K.P.-52<D

1937                    St.Thomas in S.India-9th Orient.conf.Tvm-Placid-5<C

1937                    Mar Severios reunited-54>F,72>G

1937                    History of Kerala, K.P.P. Menon-133<B   

1937                    The Nestorian Churches-Aubrey V.R-51>G

1937                    Typ. Pol. Vat. Romae: Syro Malankarensium-114>B

1938                    Scriptorum  Veterum Vaticana...Mai Angelo-30>F

1938                    English works-Keay (Protestant authors)-51<F

1938,Mar.,          Final litigation : Catholicos side-78>C

1938,Mar.,          Law suit Pending in Kottayam Dist. Court-78<G

1938,May,14     Syrian X’ians of Malabar-The Examiner,Bombay-85<F

1938,Sep.,9        Publication of Malayala Manorama forbidden by govt.-166<F

1938                    Retreat house - Kottayam-100<B

1938                    Mar Severios : Bp. of Thiruvalla-72>G

1939                    The Jesuits in M’bar,Ferroli S.J.-29<G,52<D,131<F

1939                    Deepika - Publication changed to Kottayam-166<C

1939                    Hierarchia (Carmelitana) Ambrosio A.S. Therisia O.C.D.-42>C, 56>G

1939                    Mar Dioscoros reunited with Rome-54>F,73<A

1939-51              Ferroli D., Jesuits in Malabar-56>D,64>F

1940                    Fontes Furis can. Syro Malankarensium II,Placid-177<D

1940                    Seran Vanchi - K.S.Iyengar-11<B

1940                    De Fontibus - Typ. Pol. Vat-Romae-114>B

1940                    Society of St. Thomas-97>B,100<C

1940                    Documents on Christian Unity (1920-30),G.K.A.Bell, London-99>F

1942,May,6       Jacob Vellaringat opens a mission home-124>A

1943                    Syr. Orth. Church case-petition rejected -78>C

1943,Dec.,1       P.Kudakkachira dies-124<D

1944-45              Archaeolo. Activit. - Scope in Cochin State-157>G

1945                    Ethiopian Missal gives 18 (Anaphora)-194>G

1945                    St. Mary’s College, Trichur (Madras’ Varsity)-209>D

1945                    Medleycott’s mortal remains in Trichur Lourdes Cathedral-210<B

1945                    Arikamedu excavations by Arch. Survey of Govt.of India-157>C>D

1945,April,30   Death of Mar Abimalek (Trichur)-93<A

1945-46              Identification of Kerala Roman Coins-156>F

1946                    Trichur Diocesan Statutes - George Alappatt-57>G

1946                    Arikamedu-Indo Roman Trading Station(Bulletin)-5>F

1946                    Indian Cath. Hierarchy - 60th Anniversary-56>D

1946                    Wheeler, Ancient India-12<B, 30<B

1946,Jul.,28       Sr. Alphonsa dies-124>D

1946-47              Chinese Contact with Cranganore-Archeol.evidences-157<G

1947                    Malayala Manorama re-started after Independence-166<F

1947                    Madras Temple Entry Act extended to Malabar-181>E

1947                    Gold & Silver Roman Coins from Eyyal (Crang.)-11<C

1947                    School for Deaf & Dumb, Thiruvalla-172<G

1947                    Customs of Syr. Christians of India - Placid (E C Q, London)-32>E

1947                    Church of South India formed-54>B,96>G

1947                    Churches in the Church of South India-54>D

1947                    K.C.Chacko (Syr. Orth.) dies-78<D<E

1947,Oct.,          J.Malipparampil:L.F.Mission League-124>C

1947-1958         Silva Rego,Doc. Para a Hist. Mis... 42<D,64>G,114>D,116<A

1947-48              Archaeological Dept.: Acquisition of Coins-157<A

1947                    The British leave - Indian Independence-107<E

1947                    Evangelisation - Syro M’bar-after Independe.-124>B

1947                    Curb on flow of foreign missionaries-124>B

1947                    Post-Independence Missions-124>B

1947                    Mar Ivanios in North America, Australia-71>E

1947                    P.J. Thomas Administr. of Knanaya Community-89<A

1948                    Devresse, R., Essai sur Theodore de Mopsueste, Vatican-29<G

1948                    Temple Entry Proclamation of Maharaja of Cochin-181>E

1948,Dec.,          JathyaikaSangham(in K.C. Mannanam  Mappilai’s Mem­oirs)-101<C

1948-1964         J.Wicki, Documenta Indica, Rome-64>F

1949                    Mar Ivanios College, Trivandrum estd.-73<C,205<B

1949                    The Syrian Church in M’bar Daniel,I. Madras-57<B

1949                    Peace League-78<D

1949                    Silva Rego, Hist. das Missioes, Lisbon-64>G

1950                    Archdio.Ernakulam-Tech.,Indust. Institutions,since-171<D

1950                    Padroado Jurisdiction over Cochin suppressed,suffr. to Verapoly-53>F

1950                    Palai Dioc. formed from Changanachery-51<A,54<A

1950                    V.C.George,Nidhirikkal Mani Cathanar,Ekm.(Mal.)-52<G

1950                    Ernakulam Archdio. Laws & Regulations-57>G

1950                    Decrees of the 1st Plenary Council of India-56>A

1950                    The Expressions ‘Syro Malabar & ritus Caldaici Malabarensium’-57>C

1950                    De Matrimonio (De Jure Eccl. Orient, Vol.III,Romae)-58<C

1950,Nov.,9      Kavukkatt Mar Mathew Consec. by Card. Tisserantin Rome-206>F

1950                    Christavashram : Indian branch of Fellowship of Reconciliation-100<E

1951                    D.Ferroli, Jesuits in Malabar, Vol.II-52<D,177<D

1951,Jan.,8         Vic. Ap. Alex. Choolapparambil dies-200>D

1951                    Silva Rego, Doc. para a Hist., Vol. VI-112<E

1951                    Placid, Our Rite (Mal),2nd ed. Mannanam-86<D,114>C

1951                    J. Wicki,S.J., Epist. Sancti Fr. Xaverii...II-42>E

1951                    E.M. Philip, The Indian Church of St.Thomas,2nd edn.-85<G

1951                    Hist. of the Syr. Ch. in India, Mar Severios-85>A

1952                    Archdio. Madras-Mylapore for med-211<B

1952                    Patriarch side files a Petition-78>C

1952                    Diamper Canonakal, K.N. Daniel (Mal.)-117<C

1952                    E.R. Hambye,The Syrian Ch. in India,Clergy Monthly-51>F

1952                    Dioc. of Allepy erected, from Cochin Suffr. of Verapoly-53>F

1952                    The Apost. in India, A.C.Perumalil, Patna-5<C,11<C

1952                    Antao G.M., De Synodi Diam- peritanae...,Goa-52<D

1952,Dec.,31     Radio Message of Pope Pius XII to Ernakulam-29<D,122<C

1952,Jan.,           Knanaya Constitution adopted-89<D

1952,June,          Schurhammer, G., Clergy Review-68<G

1952                    Mar Ivanios ill-71>E

1952                    Mar Thoma Darmo Metropolitan arrives-93<B

1953                    Card.Tisserant,Easter. X’ity in India,Bombay-177<A

1953                    Faculty of Theology planned at Alwaye Semin.-174<B

1953                    Erection of Tellicherry Eparchy-54<A,58<A

1953,July,15     Mar Ivanios dies-71>F

1953                    Pius XII in Ac.Ap.Sedis, pp.56-57-29<E

1953                    Orit. Chrit., XIX, Rom.-43<C

1953                    Archivo Ibero-Ameriicano 13-64>G

1954                    Thozhilali Daily-166<G

1954                    Thomas Puthiakunnel, ordained-213>G

1954                    Wicki, S.J.  Doc. Ind. III (Roma)-177<E

1954                    Diocese of Tellicherry created for settlers-51<A

1954                    Peace League public fast-78<E

1954                    Granite Stone with inscription, St.Thomas Mt.-16<B

1954                    Sebastian Vallopilly-51<C

1954,Dec.,12     Mala Panchayat (Jews leave for Israel)-185<B

1954,Jan.,1         K.M. Cherian Ch. ed. of Malayala Manorama-218>A

1954&1970       A Hist. of the Ecume. Movement, London 2vols.-107<C

1954-1964         Wicki J. Documenta India, Vols. III,V,VIII,Roma-43<C, 112<F, 114>D

1954-61              World Council of Chur.,Chairman: M.M.Thomas-90>E

1954                    Kerame Archim O., Notre Vocation and notre ame de Chretiens d’orient Le Lien (Cairo)-107<D

1954                    History of the Ecumenical Movement, I, N.Zernov-99>F

1955                    St. Mary,s College,Trichur, Graduate courses-209>D

1955                    Carmelgiri Philosophy section, Alwaye Semin.-209<E

1955                    Chaldean liturgy proposed by Rome-191<A

1955,Apr.,29     Southists in Tcr.,Ktm. Jurisdi.-55>G,56<A,58<A<B>D

1955                    Diogo Gonsalves, Hist. do Malavar,Munster-42<G,77<E

1955                    Jurisdiction of Syro-Malabar Church extended to T’Nadu & Mysore-51<A

1955                    Principia Generalia de Personis Eccl., 2nd edn.-57<D

1955                    Syro-Malabar Jurisdiction in Verapoly, Coimbatore Mysore, Ootacamund & Mangalore-54<B

1955                    The Six Thomases of S.India, Chengannur,T.K.Joseph-5<A

1955,Sept.,         Arguments in Syr. Orth. Case-78>D

1955,April,29   Trichur Jurisdiction extended to Coimbatore-201<F

1955-56              Sale deed of a slave. Cochin State Archae. Report-158>B

1955                    Mar Severios dies, Succeeded by Z. Mar Athanasius(Thiruvalla)-73<D

1956                    Kothamangalam Diocese (from Ekm.)-51<A,54<B,198>A

1956                    Changanachery Archdiocese-51<A,99>D,198>A

1956                    Ethiopian Emperor Heile Salessy visits Cheppad-200<E


1956                    V.C.George,The Syr. Chaldean Church in M’bar-117<C

1956                    Mathew Pothanamuzhi-51<C

1956                    Kottayam suffr. of Changanachery-55>G

1956,Jan.,10      Mar Kandathil Augustine dies-206<E

1956,Feb.,          Syr. Orth. Case Arguments -78>D

1956,Dec.,          High Court judgement tavoring appellants-78>D

1956                    Hindu in Culture, Christian Religion, Oriental inWorship, Wurz burg.-32>A

1957                    Angamaly: Monuments to martyrs(communist rule of Kerala)-195<B

1957                    Major Seminary Chethipuzha (C.M.I)-200>B

1957                    Ulloor : Hist. of Mal. Literature-170<C

1957                    Fiq An Nasranya, Louvain-52<C

1957                    Bender L., O.P., Normae Gen. de Personis, Roma Parigi-N.Y.-57<B

1957                    English trans. of decree from Inchakalody, T.“Archb. Mar Ivanios”-58>A

1957                    Kerala Times-165>G1957

Tisserant,E.,  Easte. X’ity in India-5<D,29>A, 51>B,56>D,65<A, 85<F,112<E,131<F

1957                    Cited Korolevsky, Living Languages in Catholic worship-57>F

1957                    Chaldean Pontifical for both Chaldeans & Malabari­ans-55>A

1957,Apr.,          Supreme Court Appeal - Syr.Orthod. Case-78>D

1957                    Kerame Archim.O., Unionisme Uniatisme, Arlabisme Chretien-107<D

1958                    Metran Party X Patri. Party. Decision in favour of former 217>A

1958                    Bishop John’s efforts with backward classes-172<E

1958                    Jurisdiction of Thiruvalla-56<E              

1958                    The Synod of Diam., by J.Thaliath,Rome-29<G,51>D,56>F, 65<A

1958                    Supreme Court decided in favour of Catholicos group-54<G,78>E

1958,Jan.,3         Beatification process - K.E. Chavara-200<C

1958,Dec.,16     Patriarch & Catholicos reconciled-78>F

1958                    Wicki, Documenta Indica, t.V.-122<F

1958                    Syro-Malankara Jurisdiction extended-73<E

1959                    Mylapore Cathedral a Minor Basilica-211<B

1959                    Dept.of Theol.Mangalapuzha Lateran-174<B

1959                    Malan. rite faithful to come under Syro Malan.Hierarchy-58>C

1959                    Varkey Vithayathils’ Doctor Thesis ‘orig. & Prog.of Syro- Mal. Hierarchy’,submitted(Angeli.)-52<G

1959                    Chacko K.C., Fr. Kuriakose Elias Chavara,Mannanam-52<G

1959                    Progress of Orthodox church since 1959-78>G

1959                    Wojnar, M.M. The Code of Oriental Canonlaw...-57>B

1959                    Placid : Hindu in Culture..... OstkirchlicheStudien-29<G, 57>D

1959                    The Archdio. statues of Changanacherry -57>G

1959                    Kerame,Archim.O.,Le prochain concile ecum...-107<D

1960                    Pospishil, V.J., Code oforien... Persons, Ford city-57<B

1960                    Another litigation of 50 yrs. duration in the Syr. Ortho. Church-77<A

1960                    Ordination service in East Syriac and Malaya.-55>A

1960                    Latins X’ians of Kerala, Thesis of T.Thayil(Grego­rian)-61<E

1961                    Goa was annexed by India-204<F

1961                    Achyutha Menon, K: Ancient Kerala-170<C

1961                    Mar Thoma Evangelical Church separated from Mar Thoma Church-54>C

1961                    359 Jews in Kerala (census 1961)-183<C

1961                    Tribal Population of Kerala 2,07,996-185>G

1961,May,15     Materet Magistra issued-171<B

1961,July,30     Maximos IV Sayegh ‘The Catholic East & X’ian Unity - New Leader-99>G,107<D

1961                    Zernov N., Eastern Christendom, London-107<C

1961                    Harijan Catholics in Kerala : 151010-123>C

1961                    All orth. Churches Members of W.C.C.-98>B

1962                    Chanda Mission entrusted to the Thomas X’ians-51<D,198>A

1962                    Catholic Bishops’ Conference of  India ,Report, Allahabad-176>G

1962                    Manorama Year Book, Ktm. & Cath. Dir.of India-57<A

1962                    Klinjn,A.F.J.,(ed.)The Acts of Thomas,Leiden-5<A,11>B,26<F

1962                    Joseph M.O., Thachil M. Tharakan (Mal.)KTM.-52<F

1962                    3rd Catholicos (Bp. MarGregorios) died-77<D

1962,Jul.,3         1st batch of Vadavathoor Seminary arrive-217<A

1962                    Hajjar J., Les Chretiens Uniates du Proche.Orient .,Paris-107<C

1962                    Trichur Church Case gone to all the Courts-92>E

1962                    Chaldean Syrians in Trichur drifting into 2 groups -93<C

1963                    St. Mary’s College, Trichur  bifurcated (Vimala College,Cheroor )-209>D

1963                    Carmelite Congregation : 126 houses in 6 dioc.of Malabar-201>A

1963                    Thomas Puthiakunnel returns to India(Lay Apost.)  -213>G

1963                    Restored Mass reintroduced in Ma’bar(July,3)-55>A

1963                    L’osserv. Rom./19-20 Aug.-56>C

1963                    Exarchates-54<B

1963,Jan.,31      L’osserv. Rom.-116>A

1963,Aug.,18    Paul VI on diversity of rites & Unity of>A

1963,Dec.,23     Archbishop Slipij Major Archbishop-196<A

1963                    Maximos IV, Eastern Churches & Cath. Unity,Freiburg-London -107<C

1963                    Schurhammer, G. Writes on Mar Jacob & Latin rite-42>G

1964                    K.M. Cherian, Chairman PTI-218>A

1964                    Mangalapuzha becomes a Pontifical Seminary/forChaldeans of Malabar rite -209<E

1964                    Sebeena Raphy : Chavittunatakam-170<C

1964                    Aggregation to Lateran applied for by Rector

Michael Angel of Alwaye-174<B

1964                    Alfred Mcclure : The Church in India(unpubd. MS)-191<C

1964                    Moraes, G.M., Hist. Xtianity in India,Bombay-5<B,12<G,51>F

1964                    T. Puthiakunnel, Syro-Mal. Clergy, Pachalam-51>D

1964,Aug.          Aarhus Conference - greater under standing bet.Byz. & Orient  Churches-98>F

1964                    Ware, The Orthodox Church, London-107<C

1964                    V.C. George, Aposto. & Martyrdom of St. Thomas, Ernakulam-26<E

1965                    Malankara Nazrani X’ians, vol. I, Z.M. Paret-51<G

1965                    Thevarmannil : Doctoral Thesis on Mar Abraham-52<C

1965                    Wojnar, OSBM, the Jurist, XXV-119>C,122>A

1965                    Dick, I., Qu’est-ce L’orient Chretien, Tournai-107<C

1965                    Koder, S.S., Kerala & her Jews-27>D

1965                    Addis Abbeba World Conference of Orient. Ortho.Churches-98<F

1966                    Athirampuzha Church re-rebuit-197<B

1966                    Malankara Nazrani X’ians, Vol. II, Z.M. Paret-51<G

1966,Dec.,1       Malayala Manorama, Calicut Edn.-166<F

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1967                    Clement RSJ, Touches Pour Aborder...-107<C

1967                    Travels of Marco Polo, Everyman’s, London& NY-36>F

1968                    3 more exarchates : Sagar,Satna & Ujjain-198>A,203>A

1968                    Death of Dr. P.V. Cherian-200>A

1968                    Puthiakunnel to London research on St. Thomas,Kerala Church-213>G

1968                    Free Housing Projects : Circular of 35 Bps.(ecumenical)-171<G

1968                    Genuine Indian Postures : Syr.- Mal. Liturgical Committee-190<G

1968                    Indian Church Hist. Review, II, Hambye-52<E

1968                    W.G. Young : 650A.D.,Patr. Ishu’-Yab III & India-52<A

1968,April         Hans Kung, Concilium-104>D

1968,June,25     J. Vadakkeveettil elected Bp., Balasore-124>B

1968,Sep.,7        Mar Thoma Darmo leaves for Bagdad-93<B

1968,Nov.,2      The Ave Maria of 2 Nov., 1968-191>A

1968,Dec.,15     Indira Gandhi, P.M., Inaugurates Quartercentenary  of Cochin Synagogue-185>B

1968,Dec.,18     Restored Sacramentary comes into use-118>E

1968                    Syr. Catho. 18,23,023(Syr. Hierar. Direct.)-123>D

1968                    Seminar by B. Mar Gregorios & Fellowship of Reconciliation-97>D

1969                    Ind. Ch. Hist. Review,III-52<A

1969                    Ch. in India, N. Delhi 1969-191>B

1969,May,13     Death of T. Puthiakunnel-213>G

1969,Oct.,9        Death of Mar Mathew Kavukkatt-206>F

1969                    Diakonia, 4 : “Is there a future for East. Rite Catholicos?”-107<C

1970                    Golden Jubilee as Patri.:Eshi Shimun XXIII-203>A

1970                    16th Century Traditions of St.ThomasX’ians-5<B,51>E, 170<C

1970                    P.J.Podipara : The Thomas X’ians-5<C,29<G,51<G,131<E,177<B

1970                    Soc. of V.De Paul : Changanassery-172>F

1970                    Holy Father on future of Eastern X’ians(& Tour of Far East)-189<B

1970                    Hambye,”Mideval Indian X’ianity, Ind.Eccl.Studies-52<A

1970                    Tekkedath, “ Troubled days of F. Garcia”.-52<E

1970                    Thomas X’ians & Adaptation, Eastern Ch.Review-177>A

1970                    P.J.Podipara:’The Thos. Christians’-116<B

1970,Feb-Apr., Mylapore excavations-7<F

1970,April         Apostolic Succession,’ Ecum.Rev.’-104>D

1970,Oct.           Bp. Tharayil - Sac. Silver Jubilee-74>G

1971                    Nidhiry, A.: “ Nidhiry”-52<G

1971,Jan.            Ecumenicalletter,St.Thos.Cent. Commitee-97>E

1971,Feb.           Paul VI: Cath.-Orth.intimacy-99>F

1971,Mar.           Paul VI: Cath.Orth.intimacy:Cath. Docu.-99>G         

1972                    Vattippanam Law Suit (Syr. Orth.)-217>A

1972                    St. Thomas Death Centenary : 1st Catholic Faculty in Kerala (Aluva)-173>G

1972                    Apostles in India, A.C. Perumalil S.J.-197>F

1972                    321 student B. Th. from Aluva Seminary-174<B

1972                    New Leader, Oct. 1-191>B

1972                    14 Million X’ians in India-Catho. 7.5.Million-186>E

1972                    L.F.Mission League Stats. for 1972-124>E

1972                    2 More territories entrusted to Syr. Catho. Jaga­dalpur, Bijnor -51<E,198>A,203>B

1972,Feb.,24     Permission to Confer University Eccl. Degrees, Aluva-174<A<C<E

1972,Jul.,3         Kali Samkya for this date : 1853006-206<C

1972,Jul.-Aug.  “Point”-191<C

1972,Sep.,          “Impact”-191>A

1972,Oct.,1        CBCI Minutes, Madras’72 (Liturgy) -191>B

1972,Nov.          Arnos Padri artefacts come to light-196<F

1972                    Ap.Thoms.Jubilee & Intern’l Book Yr.-165<A

1973                    Pont. Inst. at Aluva Inaugurated by Gordon(Pro. Nuncio)-209<E

1973,Feb.,11     Mangalapuzha Pont. Inst. Opened  (Pro.Nuncio Gordon)-174<C

1973,Feb.,23     Death of Samskritha Pranayabhaganam P.T. Kuriakka Master-214>D

1973,Mar.,15     Death of K.M. Cherian (Manorama)- 218>A